History Scholarships

The history and political science department recognizes outstanding students by awarding and encouraging them to explore further the history of the United States and/or Mennonite history.

Willard and Vera Smith Scholarship

In order to encourage the study of United States History and United States (American) Studies, Goshen College makes the Smith Scholarships available to a junior and/or senior who are best qualified among applicants who elect to study U.S. History/Studies. Selection will be made on the basis of ability and character more than on the basis of financial need.

Willard and Vera Smith wrote of the scholarships: “Believing that the growth and development of human freedom, liberty and equality is one of the grand themes of history, and believing that the United States has made an important contribution in that development, we desire to establish this scholarship as a small token of our appreciation for the enjoyment of these freedoms. Since our ancestors came from the old to the new world many years ago to secure these liberties, we are setting up this scholarship in honor and memory of our parents — John J. and Catherine (Smith) Smith, and Daniel and Fanny (Conrad) Graber…. Students are encouraged to study our history and institutions objectively, critically and constructively, both our strengths and weaknesses, with a view of increasing the former and diminishing the latter.”

Oswin and David Gerber Scholarship

To encourage the study of Mennonite history and Mennonite studies by Goshen College students, John Gerber created the Oswin G. and David N. Gerber Scholarship in Mennonite Studies. The scholarship is awarded each year to a student who can demonstrate a serious interest in these topics through courses, projects, co-curricular activities, term papers, readings, educational travel, etc. Preference will be given to a history major but the scholarship is available to students of any major.

The Gerber family pays tribute to Oswin George Gerber and his uncle David Nussbaum Gerber, two men, who, according to John Gerber, are both important to Gerber family history but took different paths in life. George attended both Goshen College Academy and Goshen College, graduating in 1937 with majors in history and Bible. David grew up a generation earlier and did not have the opportunity to attend college. Instead he became a blacksmith and was, according to John, “a colorful character.” Because of his unorthodox behavior, David wasn’t fully accepted into the church.

Want to know how to apply for or get more information about these scholarships?

Contact the admission office, or the History Department chair, Philipp Gollner.

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