Social Policy and Advocacy Course Listings

Minor in social policy and advocacy

19 credit hours

Core courses (10 credit hours):

  •  PoSC 210, Introduction to Public Policy 3
  • SoWk 322, Social Welfare Policy and Program I 3
  • PJCS 309, Advocacy Field Work 1
  • Taken in conjunction with one of the following topics 3
  • SoWk 315 Child Welfare
  • SoWk 320 Aging in US Society
  • SoWk 345 Women’s Concerns
  • SoWk 350 Human Services: Special Topics

Applied advocacy courses (choose from a variety of applied skills based classes) (9 credit hours):

  • Bus 121, Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Comm 212, Digital Media Production I
  • Comm 250, Writing for Media
  • Comm 324, Principles of Public Relations
  • PJCS 325, Mediation: Process, Skills and Theory
  • PJCS 360, Designing for Social Change
  • PJCS/PoSc 411, War and Peace in the Modern World
  • PJCS 426, Conflict-Healthy Groups
  • Soc 391, Methods of Social Research
  • Thea 201, Theater for Social Change

Planning and advising notes

The social policy and advocacy minor is designed to assist students with a liberal arts major in obtaining knowledge and skills applicable to employment in the non-profit sector.

To obtain a minor in social policy and advocacy, students must submit a proposal of their goals and rationale for their course choices in the minor to the minor advisor, for approval. After the plan of study is approved, students will continue to be advised by both their major and minor advisors. At least nine credit hours in this minor must be upper level (300 level and above) courses.

Double counting will be limited to two courses, at least 12 hours of the minor must be met through discrete courses that do not count toward a student’s major requirements.

Social policy and advocacy minors will take PJCS 309 Advocacy Field Work (1 cr) in conjunction with one of the Topics courses, completing a 40-hr internship in which the student works with a community partner on an advocacy and policy issue relating to the topic of the course.