ESports Scrim Raises Money for Turkey Earthquake Relief

The Digital Eve Club and the Goshen Guardians ESport team joined forces to hold a scrim with Ivy Tech to raise money for the survivors of the earthquake in Turkey.  We don’t remember which team won the competition, but a fun time was had by all, and $100 was donated to a relief organization!

Getting the gaming systems ready for the competition.
Goshen Guardians ;practicing before the scrimm.
Digital Eve and Goshen Guardians ESports fundraising for Turkey.
Ivy Tech Team scrimming in Science 001 with Goshen Guardians.
Part of the Goshen Guardians ESport team in competition.
Gustavo Gonzalez, our Goshen College Computing Science Twitch Channel, announcing Play by Play for the Esports tournament.
Some members of the Digital Eve Club and Goshen Guardians Esports Team.