Jeanne Liechty

Professor of Social Work, Director of Social Work Program

Jeanne Liechty


  • BA, Goshen College, 1992
  • MSW, Smith College, 1994
  • PHD, Simmons College, 2005

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I have been actively facilitating the delivery of an evening accelerated BSW program which offers our social work curriculum taught by GC faculty, to adult students who’ve already earned an AA.  The first cohort will graduate December 2014.   Students are able to complete the program in 14 months.  Currently we are enrolling students for our second cohort which will graduate December 2015; ten students are currently enrolled.

2013-14 has been the year of our program’s reaffirmation by the Council on Social Work Education.  The self-study document was completed and submitted by August 1, 2013.  The site visit is taking place in May 2014.   We expect to hear the outcome from CSWE after their June meeting.

I have served on Board for Just Help: Elkhart County Legal Advocacy Center from its start-up; currently I serve as board secretary.  Just Help’s mission is to help Elkhart County residents access quality, timely, and affordable civil legal services.  Just Help: Elkhart County Legal Advocacy Center   While the organization is currently dormant, the board remains engaged, seeking conversations with attorneys who are interested in reopening Just Help.

Social Work Practice Theory 1

Systems approach to the practice of social work beginning with a model for solving human problems.  Emphasizes development of a theoretical base for social work practice and includes a laboratory in which specific behavioral skills are developed through simulation experiences.

Social Work Practice Theory 2

Expansion of learnings from Social Work Practice Theory 1 and Social Welfare Policy and Program 2, and application of social work practice with individuals, families and social systems of varying size.  This course is taught concurrently with the first semester of field instruction, which provides the opportunity to integrate theory with skill development.

Social Work Field Instruction

Integration of knowledge base and the acquisition of social work practice skills through direct practice under a qualified field instructor in a social service agency.  Faculty provide weekly supervision individually and in small groups.

Social Work Senior Seminar

Taken during the second semester of Field Instruction or concurrent with one semester block field placement.  A weekly seminar that offers the integration of learnings from all social work and required related courses.  The final exam takes the form of a written paper and oral examination through which students demonstrate their integration of learning and skill competencies.

“Exploring ‘Use of Self’: From Definitional Challenges to Identification of Best Practices” at the Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors’ conference in Austin, TX, Nov. 2005.

“Teaching ‘Use of Self’: Best Practices Contextualized” at the Council on Social Work Education’s conference in Chicago, IL, Feb, 2006.

“Theatrical Activism: From Michiana Monologues to Community Dialogues”, roundtable presentation at the Center for Women’s Intercultural Leadership conference, St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN, Oct. 2010.

Liechty, J. (2008). The influence of community upon the development of self: An exploratory study. (28/1). Smith College Studies in Social Work, 27-47.

National Association of Social Workers

The Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors

Council on Social Work Education

Nicaragua, Summer 2010   Visit the SST homepage

2012 – present    Social Work Program Director

2011 – present    Professor of Social Work

2005 – present    Department Chair, Sociology, Social Work & Anthropology

2001 – 2005        Academic leave for doctoral studies

2001 – 2001       Clinician/nursing home consultant, West Central Family & Counseling, W. Springfield, MA

2002 – 2004      Adjunct Instructor, Simmons College SSW,  Boston, MA

1998 – 2001       Assistant/Associate Professor of Social Work, Goshen College

2000, 2001        Adjunct Instructor, Cross-Cultural Experience, Bluffton College

1994 – 1998        Social Worker/team leader, Adult Inpatient Psychiatry, Cambridge Hospital, MA

1997 – 1998        Clinical Instructor, Harvard Medical School; Smith College SSW, Cambridge, MA

1996 – 1997        Clinical Instructor, Simmons College SSW; Boston University SSW, Cambridge, MA