Jody Saylor

Associate Professor of Biology

Jody Saylor


  • BS, Hanover College, 1991
  • MS, Purdue University Calumet, 1996
  • Working with area high schools to develop student and teacher workshops on DNA biotechnologies including PCR, gene sequencing, cloning, and using gene databases.
  • Developing and leading interdisciplinary faculty learning communities on campus.
  • Serving as co-director for the Indiana Science Olympiad regional tournament hosted by Goshen College every February.
  • Using gene sequencing to enhance marine algae identification in conjunction with the Marine Biology program.

Advanced Cell Biology (Biol 341) Explores eukaryotic cell physiology at the molecular level.  Includes discussion of intracellular transport, cell communication, the cell cycle, cytoskeleton function, and tissue formation.  Lab experiences focus on protein isolation and eukaryotic cell culture.

Cell Biology and Genetics (Biol 120)An introduction to the structure, genetics, and physiology of the cell focusing on mechanisms of cellular communication.  Lab experiences emphasize bacteria culture, eukaryotic cell culture, microscopy, DNA isolation, amplification, and sequencing, and Drosophila crossing.

Identity, Culture, and Community (Core 100)Students acquire perspectives and skills to prepare them to thrive in intercultural experiences in the college community and beyond.  Students explore and analyze the construction of identity, the components of culture, and elements of community.

Marine Biology/Biology of the Sea (Biol 304/210) An intensive field-based course that explores the ecology of the marine system in the Florida Keys.  A three week course offered during May term.

Microbiology (Biol 206)An investigation of the role of microbes in human health and disease and the effects on society.  A course intended for nursing students.  Lab exercises focus on clinical examples.

Microbial Biology (Biol 300)A survey of the role of microbes in the environment including terrestrial and aquatic systems, human food and agriculture, and human disease.


Biological Principles I and II – with Colloquium


Molecular Cell Biology

Senior Seminar

Workshop – “Detecting Genetically Modified Food Ingredients in Common Food Products.” With IB BiologyI students from Northridge High School.  January 2015.

Workshop – “Microbial Identification and Measuring Population Growth.” With IB Biology II students from Northridge High School.  January 2015.

Workshop – “Using DNA in Forensic Analysis.”  With high school students from Bethany Christian Schools.  January 2015.

Workshop – “Detecting Genetically Modified Food Ingredients in Common Food Products.” With IB Biology students from Goshen High School. March 2015.

Mininger grant – Attend Facilitative Learning workshop through School Reform Initiative (SRI), Cambridge, MA and Designing Adult Learning workship through SRI, Cambridge, MA
Mininger grant – Attend Facilitative Leadership and Critical Friends Group Coaching workshop through the School Reform Initiative, Cambridge, MA
Mininger grant – Attend Cell Culture workshop at the BioTechnical Institute of Maryland

I have been teaching in the Biological Sciences department for 13 years.  In addition to teaching, I also enjoy reading, gardening, and trying to keep up with my three children and husband.