Professor of Psychology
Department Chair


BA, Goshen College, 1992
MAPS, Fuller Theological Seminary School of Psychology, 1995
MATS, Fuller Theological Seminary School of Theology, 1996
PHDCP, Fuller Theological Seminary School of Psychology, 1998

Current Projects

  • Research on academic success in college students.


Courses Taught

General Psychology
An introduction to the methods, concepts and principles used in the study of behavior. Includes a survey of topics in psychological development, individual differences, memory, personality structure, mental health, learning and
social psychology.
Senior Seminar in Psychology
A focus on integrative issues concerning psychology and Christian faith. Questions related to psychology as a profession will also be addressed.

Social Psychology
A study of the influence of society on the individual and of the individual on society. Involves the study of person-to-person transactions, with emphasis on attitudes and small group structure and process. 

Psychology of Religion
A study of the interaction of psychological dynamics and religious behavior. Includes study of belief systems, faith, behavior change, conversion, lifestyles, personality, and religious persuasion.


Historic Courses

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Personality Theory

Senior Internship

Heroic Acts & Heinous Crimes

Introduction to Clinical Psychology

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Lectures & Presentations

Reese, J & Malony, N. (1997, November). Peace beliefs and responses to interpersonal frustration. Paper presented at the meeting of the Religious Research  Association.

Carney, P., Thayer, J., Yoder-Hosopple, M., Reese, J., Koontz, T, & Neufeld, M. (2003 October). Practice as a pathway to peace. Paper presented at the annual 3rd Annual Formation and Renewal Conference, University of
Notre Dame.

Reese, J. (2007, March). Those yet to commit: College students’ attitudes towards marriage and divorce. Paper presented at the annual Christian Association for Psychological Studies,King of Prussia: PA.

Memberships & Associations

American Psychological Association

Christian Association for Psychological Studies

Religious Research Association

Indiana Psychologist License

Hobbies & Interests


Flower gardening Julie and Kali with friends_makingstrides2012_final flat

Healthy eating and cooking


Upcyling used clothing

“Making Strides Against Breast Cancer”
–Annual Event–

Personal Information

Julie and Kate_midway thru chemo_8_6_2011_flat final2(Click on thumbnail picts for a larger image)
On April 26, 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. While such a diagnosis is often a shock, having no risk factors and no family history, I would never have expected to hear such news. Following a bilateral mastectomy, 5 months of harsh chemotherapy, and 32 radiation treatments, I am now on follow-up visits every 6 months.
Julie and Kali_Making Strides_10_14_2011_finish line 5K walk_final flat
I took a leave of absence from teaching during the 2011-2012 academic year. My return to teaching has been exciting and exhausting! During the 9 months of treatment, I was fortunate to have very few side effects. Still, I am physically not quite the same person I was before the treatment. The spring semester was particularly difficult due to teaching 2 new classes.
Dr Suh and Julie_final chemo_10_26_2011_final flat
I praise God for all of the blessings during my experience. I met so many wonderful people. The medical staff at IU Goshen Center for Cancer Care were so compassionate, understanding, and fun! Some of the infusion nurses_10_27_2011_final flatYes, I found ways to have fun in the midst of a very crappy situation!

Julie and Candy_last chemo_10_27_2011_final flatUnlike some medical conditions which can be managed by lifestyle, cancer, for the most part, is a disease where the causes are rarely known.

Living as a survivor is about seeking to live each day well and hoping that the cancer does not return. News of people who have died from cancer sends a shiver of fear through me. My hope is secure in Christ, but I desire to have many more years watching my daughters grow and spending time with my husband.Mick and Julie_last chemo_10_27_2011_final flat

Going through cancer has helped me grow in my compassion for others and in my desire to live according to what is really most valuable to me. My experience has opened the door to many meaningful conversations with other patients, students, and medical staff.

Church & Community Service

Julie is very active in her church, Yellow Creek Mennonite, having served as Sunday school teacher and superintendent, VBS worship leader, children’s worship leader, and women’s fellowship president. She is currently a church representative to the Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference. She is also actively involved in the Fairfield School System having served as president of the New Paris PTO. In the past, she has been a member of the board of directors for Individuals and Families in Transition in Elkhart, IN.