Professor of Kinesiology
Department Chair


BS, Eastern Mennonite University, 1987
MS, James Madison University, 1994
D ED, University of North Carolina G Reensboro, 2003

Memberships & Associations

  • American College of Sport Medicine Membership
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • IDEA Fitness Membership
  • Indiana Teaching License, Physical Education and Health K-12 (Active, 10 Year Professional License)
  • American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
  • Indiana Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
  •  National Association for Sport and Physical Education
  • Goshen Coordinated School Health Committee
  • CPR certified by the American Red Cross
  • Elkhart County Childhood Obesity Initiative (Healthy Schools Work Group) (2009-2012)

2013-14 Courses

CORE 115 Wellness for Life

Wellness for Life is required for all first year students.   Students examine the importance of exercise and nutrition in college life.  Students assess their own fitness level and analyze dietary intake, then identify strengths and areas for concern.  Scientific principles are applied as the student sets goals and develops a personal fitness program.

KIN 309 Physical Education for Children

Philosophy, methods and materials for teaching physical education to children. Some practical experience with children included. While this course is open to any student, there is a clear focus on preparing students to teach elementary physical education.

KIN 315 Applied Biomechanics

A consideration of the anatomical and mechanical factors contributing to skilled performance in sport and exercise. Laws and principles from anatomy and physics that govern the use of the human body, objects and implements are applied to the analysis of sport skill and exercise techniques.

KIN 320 Adaptive Physical Activity and Sport

This course, required for all physical education teacher licensure and general physical education majors, will examine attitudes, methods, techniques and special considerations important in addressing physical activity needs and interests for children and adolescents with disabilities.  Critical aspects of motor development will be studied followed by adaptive programming and leadership of activity in inclusive settings.  A concurrent field placement is a required part of the course.

KIN 330 Motor Learning

This course addresses concepts in the sub-discipline of motor behavior, primarily focusing on motor learning theory and psychological variables in the acquisition of motor skills. In completing this course, students will examine the nature of the learner, the learning process, the skill context, and characteristics of the task to gain information for the design of optimal motor skill learning experiences and practice.

KIN 400 Exercise Prescription

Students will learn how to conduct basic health screenings, risk stratification and practical fitness appraisals for the purpose of developing appropriate fitness programs for individuals. The emphasis will be on working with a client to assist him/her in the achievement of fitness goals, exercise compliance, and health behavior change. Special exercise considerations, recommendations and contraindications for a variety of populations (overweight/obese, pediatric, elderly, pregnancy, diabetes, etc.) will be examined so students can develop appropriate programs and understand safety concerns. Issues of liability in exercise settings will be addressed.

KIN 410 Senior Seminar

An introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics and test analysis in kinesiology. Research methods in physical education; selection of a research problem, collection of data, basic analysis, written and oral presentation of findings. Course includes the consideration of professional and ethical issues in kinesiology.  Students will finalize resumes and practice interviewing skills as well. Required for all senior physical education and exercise science majors.

KIN 415  School and Community Health

This course is an overview of community health issues and agencies.  We will also study components of the Coordinated School Health Program including comprehensive school health, physical education, school health services, nutrition services, counseling and social services, health school environment, school-site health promotion for staff, family and community involvement.


Historic Courses  (*PhEd courses are now KIN)

  • KIN 230 Racquetball
  • KIN 236 Tennis
  • KIN 242 Weight Training
  • KIN 308 Teaching Sport Skills and Strategies
  • KIN 317 Exercise Physiology
  • KIN 360 Teaching  Health Concepts



Physical Education K-12 student teaching

Senior internships

Fitness practica

Physical Education Teaching internship

Goshen College Committees

  1. Academic Affairs (in two year cycles)
  2. Co-chair School of Professional Studies
  3. Teacher Education Advisory Council
  4. Employee Wellness Committee
  5. Grievance Committee (2 this year)
  6. Faculty tenure and promotion committee (1)
  7. Ad Hoc advisory committees:
  • RFC Facility re-structuring
  • Tech advisory group
  • IDEA Student Rating


Lectures & Presentations

  • Greencroft Men’s and Women’s Breakfast:  “Keep Moving”,  June 2012
  • Co-taught LEARN and physical activity class for faculty and staff, Spring 2012
  • Goshen Heart Camp presentations (Sociology class, ECCOI, Health Council), Fall 2011, 2012
  • Maple Scholars presentation:  Goshen Heart Camp, June 2011
  • MSC Conference for Physical Education Teachers, March 17 -18, 2011
    • “Lifetime Fitness:  Motivating under-fit and low skilled students in physical education”
    • “Assessment options in Secondary Physical Education”
  •  Guest speaker in multiple classes across campus including Women’s Studies, Coaching and Writing Skills class.
  •  Higher Education Presentation at IAHPERD, “A Critical Triad:  Collaboration between the Physical Education College Supervisor, Cooperating Teacher and the Student Teacher.”  Nov, 2008
  • Higher Education Presentation at IAHPERD, “An Inquiry into the Use of Motor Learning Concepts by Sport Skill Instructors”  Nov. 2006.


Current Projects

Goshen Heart Camp

The Goshen College Kinesiology Department, in consultation with multiple community agencies, conducts an annual two week summer camp designed to improve heart health in children.  The camp focuses on Elkhart County children ages 8-12 who benefit from additional physical activity and nutrition education and come from homes with limited resources.  Each elementary school in Elkhart County is invited to nominate one or two  students to receive a scholarship to attend the camp free of charge.  This program connects Goshen College, faculty, students and community organizations with families and children.

We are very grateful to IU Health Goshen for awarding a $3000 Community Benefit Fund grant for the 2014 summer camp.  This money will be used to transport children to campus and to provide swimming opportunities off campus.

 Personal Training

I am an ACSM certified personal trainer and continue to practice with limited hours.  Continuing my practice allows me to remain up to date in this profession and to assist students by connecting them with the Greencroft Rinker Family Wellness Center and other local sites for internships.


Hobbies & Interests

In my free time, I enjoy personal training, running, biking, lifting weights, cooking and woodworking.