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Jenna Nofziger ’14 shares about medical experience in Shirati, Tanzania – Mennonite Health Journal

"Four weeks is a short time to establish relationships, gain trust, learn routines, and develop a rhythm, made even more difficult with a language barrier. My goal became, simply, to experience. I was not there to help, to make a difference, or to implement change–although, I hope I did some of that. I was there to learn how professionals in an understaffed and under-resourced hospital were doing what they could for the people of the region."

International connection: Goshen Rotary Club supports GC international students

Whether its members are sharing a meal together, singing “Home on the Range” as is tradition, or providing financial support, the Goshen Rotary Club has enabled GC students from Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Korea, Mongolia and various other countries to learn about the Goshen community and establish relationships with its leaders. In the past 53 years, the Rotary Club has provided scholarships to almost 100 GC international students.