Called to otherness: an interview with Gilberto Perez Jr.


In 2014, Gilberto Perez Jr. took on a new role in the college’s Center for Intercultural and International Education after two years as an associate professor of social work. He comes to this campus leadership role with a passion for bringing diverse people together and increasing trust and relationships between local law enforcement officials, neighborhood associations, Goshen College and the Latino community.

Striking a chord: using music for social change


Karen Zorn ’84 was changed by her Goshen College experience. Now she wants to use music to change the world. As president of the Longy School of Music of Bard College in Boston, she’s been busy realigning the college to better fit its mission, which is to prepare musicians to make a difference in the world through a revolutionary music model called El Sistema.

Don’t dismiss difference


Dominique Chew ’15 reflects on the importance of honoring and respecting each other’s identities, experiences and stories as a path toward justice.

Lifting up more voices


Zach Zimmerman ’16 celebrates the diversity he has experienced at Goshen, but asks the college to do more to create space for unheard voices.

Top 10 intercultural principles to live by


Within each cultural group there is a tremendous amount of variability, or individual differences. The intercultural learner is aware of the importance of understanding difference, engaging in difference and living in difference. According to Gilberto Perez, here are 10 intercultural principles we should strive to live by.

El primero (the first)


When Gabriel (Gabe) Coll ’47 arrived on the Goshen College campus as a junior history major in the fall of 1945, he found himself flooded with requests to talk about his homeland, Puerto Rico. Coll, the first native Spanish speaker enrolled in a degree program at Goshen, was also the only one of 284 students on campus that fall for whom English was not his first language.