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Archives for August, 2023

Anabaptist Perspectives Podcast: “The Earth is the Lord’s” in Global Anabaptism with John D. Roth ’81, professor emeritus of history

From the beginning, the phrase “The Earth Is the Lord’s” seized the imagination of Anabaptists. In this Anabaptist Perspectives podcast interview, John D. Roth unpacks the powerful resonances of this phrase in the 16th century and calls us to see its contemporary significance for the global Anabaptist movement.

Leadership through adversity

Maple Leafs pitcher and first baseman Alisyn Catenacci was experiencing the highest of highs in mid-March earlier this year. She played an instrumental leadership role, on the mound and at the plate, in Goshen’s historic season, which saw them set the program conference wins record and tie the record for overall wins in a season. For all her success during the year, it is hard to believe that her career was in jeopardy last August. Yet she continues to be a leader on the field and in the classroom.

A Yearning for Learning

Tim Wilkening has yet to play in a soccer game with Goshen College. However, he has made his presence known around campus since arriving in January. Wilkening has also learned a lot over the last year. He has learned about the United States after coming from Germany. He has learned how to recover from a broken tibia. He has learned about Goshen College. And he learned the ins and outs of a team as the assistant coach for Goshen City FC this summer. Yes, he has experienced much growth, but he is far from reaching the goals he has set.