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Headshot of Jennifer Schrock
Headshot of Jennifer Schrock

Jennifer Schrock ’83: What to say on the eve of an election? – The Mennonite

Merry Lea Communication Manager Jennifer Schrock '83 writes: "I am left with the puzzle of how to vote for all God’s creation—and all creation yet to come—when climate change is only beginning to make its way into the average voter’s consciousness. None of the people on my ballot has made the environment central to their platform. Neither blue people nor red people have a great track record of boycotting gas pumps."

Our Common Work – by Prof Beth Martin Birky

I came to the Orlando convention for two reasons. The first relates to my work as a Goshen College professor: three recent Goshen graduates (Sarah Hofkamp, Laura Miller and Zachary Zimmerman) and I offered a seminar on the Bystander Intervention program we have developed at Goshen College. The second emerges from my role as a board member for Mennonite Women (MW) USA: I helped Marlene Bogard and the MW USA staff (Berni Kaufman and Katie McKinnell) celebrate the organization’s 100th anniversary.