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Adam Nafziger ’98: Wheeling through winter with a family in tow – Southwest Journal

Nicole and Adam Nafziger thought they didn’t like biking. The mountain bikes Nicole, 41, and Adam, 40, rode were clunky leftovers from college days and less than ideal for pulling a Burley. But when the Nafziger’s oldest child got placed into kindergarten — one too far away to walk to but too close to make loading two small children into a minivan reasonable — they decided to reconsider biking.

Jim Caskey
Jim Caskey

Seven questions with…VP for Advancement Jim Caskey ’84 – The Mennonite

"The more I’ve been in it, the more I realize that people with wealth have a need to partner with people to achieve the things that the world needs. Everyone has a need to do something outside themselves, and to be able to work with people in that sacred space of helping to make, underwrite important work is a real privilege. It is really about being a resource to people to achieve the things they are trying to achieve: Sometimes it’s philanthropic, but many times it’s actually spiritual."

A Syrian refugee family finds only love and compassion in America (Laura Kanagy ’00) – Washington Post

Laura Kanagy '00, who has coordinated all the welcome group’s efforts, said she cried the day Trump’s ban was announced because it felt so personal now. When the Almahasnehs came to visit their church for a welcome event, she said in a speech: “There are many different messages flying around right now about borders and walls and terrorism and bans. But here is our message to you: You are very welcome here, and you are loved.”