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Archives for November, 2015

Rebecca Stoltzfus ’84 tackles global health problems – Cornell University

Rebecca Stoltzfus, professor of nutritional sciences at Cornell University, directs the Global Health Program, which offers field experiences in support of an undergraduate minor and a new major, tackles global health problems from a multidisciplinary approach, and engages new researchers and practitioners to address health problems that transcend national boundaries and disproportionately affect the resource-poor.

Monroe Weber-Shirk ’85 designs sustainable water systems for developing countries – Cornell University

Monroe Weber-Shirk, senior lecturer of civil and environmental engineering and director of AguaClara, runs the program under the motto "research, invent, design, engage," and says student teams do lab research on specifics of the technology, learn the cutting-edge engineering involved with building the treatment plants in his theory course, and are invited to travel to Honduras to see, firsthand, their engineering in context.