What matters most: the birds and the bees and passionate…learning


As a boy growing up in the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania, Merle E. Jacobs ’48 loved all birds but was obsessed with yellow canaries. From a pair, he eventually developed a flock of 67 canaries – all happily living inside his family’s home. Fifty years later, I had the privilege of studying genetics under Professor Merle … Keep reading »

“International Women’s Opportunity Foundation helping Haiti soccer players” in the Elkhart Truth


Sharisse Yoder learned more than just another way to approach soccer last summer as an American playing on an FC Indiana club filled with members of the Haiti Women’s National Team.

Yoder, a Bethany Christian High School graduate and Marian University sophomore center midfielder, became familiar with the troubling conditions in a country where economic depression, political violence, poverty and abuse — verbal, physical and sexual — is a grim reality, especially for young girls, and the damage of the 2010 earthquake is…