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“Goshen College earns broadcasting awards” in the Goshen News

“The whole department is rejoicing,” said Jason Samuel, Goshen College assistant professor of communication and general manager of The Globe. “It’s hard to put into words the amount of work our students put into the broadcasting program, and to be recognized is extra special. It’s a remarkable achievement for us, and we’re the smallest school in the competition. It makes us feel good.”

“Why the church needs to discuss sex . . . and how to do it” on Canadian Mennonite Young Voices

While some churches, families or youth groups do a good job, many ignore the uncomfortable subject to the possible detriment of future relationships. “I don’t know how we can imagine, as a church, that our people are going to grow up to be healthy sexual beings in congregations if the church does not talk about sexuality at all during their adolescent years,” Goshen College Professor Keith Graber Miller says.

“International Women’s Opportunity Foundation helping Haiti soccer players” in the Elkhart Truth

Sharisse Yoder learned more than just another way to approach soccer last summer as an American playing on an FC Indiana club filled with members of the Haiti Women’s National Team. Yoder, a Bethany Christian High School graduate and Marian University sophomore center midfielder, became familiar with the troubling conditions in a country where economic depression, political violence, poverty and abuse — verbal, physical and sexual — is a grim reality, especially for young girls, and the damage of the 2010 earthquake is...