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Yellow ribbons on Highland Avenue in Souderton keep Hochstetler family in mind – Souderton Independent

It’s been two-and-a-half years since Ken '83 and Sue '84 Hochstetler moved from the 300 block of Highland Avenue in Souderton to Goshen, but that’s not the end of the connections that were built in the homes on the street. Yellow ribbons at each of the homes on the block honor Hannah (Grieser) Hochstetler '13, Ken and Sue's 26-year-old daughter-in-law who was killed in an automobile accident in which her husband, Caleb '13, Ken and Sue’s son, was injured.

Adam Nafziger
Adam Nafziger

Adam Nafziger ’98: Wheeling through winter with a family in tow – Southwest Journal

Nicole and Adam Nafziger thought they didn’t like biking. The mountain bikes Nicole, 41, and Adam, 40, rode were clunky leftovers from college days and less than ideal for pulling a Burley. But when the Nafziger’s oldest child got placed into kindergarten — one too far away to walk to but too close to make loading two small children into a minivan reasonable — they decided to reconsider biking.