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McLaren calls on Anabaptists to no longer be the ‘quiet in the land’

brian mclaren speaking at goshen college Just a little over a week following the shooting of Amish school children in Lancaster County, Pa., and the immediate forgiveness extended by the Amish, nationally-recognized Christian author and speaker Brian McLaren said to an audience at the college on Oct. 11, “I don’t think anyone has ever done a better job of sharing the message of the Gospel; the Amish’s behavior mystified the world.”

During lectures at the college, McLaren continually reiterated his call to Mennonites and Anabaptists to stop being the “quiet in the land” and to start sharing more loudly and broadly the distinctives which formed and shaped the faith since its beginnings 500 years ago: peacemaking, community and discipleship.

“We so desperately need, as we move into this emerging culture, to learn to live a life of Christ instead of just going to church,” McLaren said. “You need to let your knowledge rub off on others.”

McLaren encouraged Mennonites and Anabaptists to listen to the strengths of Christians from other backgrounds as well, describing how throughout his life his view of Jesus and salvation has increased as he has encountered Christians from different faith backgrounds.

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