Ready to give your
brain a workout?

The academic program at Goshen is all about “integrative learning,” or seeing the connections between everything. It’s a place to build a deeper understanding of the complex world we live in and your role in it. You will be prepared to relate with people different from yourself, investigate complex problems within different disciplines (imagine how much better we can address real-world problems like climate change when we study it in biology, psychology and communication classes!), and simultaneously deepen your faith and develop your critical thinking skills. Learn more about what we call the Goshen Core, the classes all undergraduate students take regardless of their major.

Goshen offers 37 majors for undergraduate students (not to mention several graduate and continuing studies programs). Good luck choosing just one major, though. So pick two and double major. Or, combine a major with a minor, a concentration or preprofessional program. But whatever you do, don’t plan to spend all your time in the classroom or library.

You see, we don’t think you can change the world until you’ve really experienced it. So expect to spend time off campus – serving in the local community, working with faculty on research projects or living abroad via our unique Study-Service Term. (Goshen was one of the first colleges in the world to make international education part of its core curriculum.)

Don’t expect to be coddled, either. Our professors are the nicest people you’ll ever meet (most prefer that their students call them by their first names and often they’ll invite their class to their home), but that doesn’t mean they’re pushovers (learn more about these amazing folks you’ll be learning from). Be prepared for some major mental pushups!