The Bulletin | Spring/Summer 2021

The Spring/Summer 2021 issue of The Bulletin will arrive in mailboxes in early June. Look for yours!

About the cover

What better represents this issue’s theme of faith and learning at Goshen College than the lamp and book from our seal? It is illustrated diversely on the cover by Hannah Gerig Meyer ’08, our graphic designer, with contributions from her 7-year-old daughter Gracie as well as graduating art majors Esmeralda Bucio ’21 (Elkhart, Indiana), Dianna Campos ’21 (Goshen), Meghna Das ’21 (Mussororie, India), Heather Gabel ’21 (Orange City, Iowa), Nathan Pauls ’21 (Kinzers, Pennsylvania) and Naomi Tolmachoff ’21 (Goodyear, Arizona). The lit lamp represents the light of learning that, in a world of darkness, provides illumination. The book symbolizes the importance of the written word, especially holy Scripture. Together, they represent that Goshen College is a place of light and of enlightenment, a place where faith and learning connect in deep and diverse ways. The actual lamp and book (pictured above, at commencement) used to be passed from the graduating senior class to the junior class in a ceremony. Now, graduates sign the book after receiving their degrees in a commencement ceremony tradition that links generations of alumni in the spirit of “Culture for Service” and extends the light of faith and learning to future students.

From the president

Rooted in the way of Jesus
By Rebecca J. Stoltzfus ’83, president


Where faith and learning connect

What sets Goshen College apart from almost all of the other thousands of colleges and universities? One needs only to look as far as our mission statement for the answer: “Shaped by Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition, we integrate academic excellence and real-world experience with active love for God and neighbor.”

This is a place where faith and learning connect, and where each profoundly informs the other. In a broken world that longs for better questions and new answers, we believe that graduating students prepared to go out and to engage the complexity with both wisdom and wonder is just what is needed.

You might wonder: What does that look like? How does it happen? How does that impact our graduates? Hear from a few of our graduating seniors, our professors and our alumni for a glimpse of their experiences.

Where faith and learning connect: STUDENTS
Members of the Class of 2021 share how their faith has been shaped while at Goshen College.

Where faith and learning connect: FACULTY
Professors share about how they connect faith and learning together in their classrooms.

Where faith and learning connect: ALUMNI
Alumni working in ministry reflect on their vocations, what gives them satisfaction in their work and their advice for college students today.

Our vision for diversity, equity and inclusion at Goshen College

We are glad to share our new vision for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at Goshen College, finalized in May 2021. It grew out of a 2020 recommendation by the college’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force, involved broad campus input and engagement, and informs our forthcoming strategic plan. It is an outgrowth of our faith and central to our learning.

Lasting Ties

The call to Christian service

By Joe Springer ’80, curator, Mennonite Historical Library