Biking through Asia for the church

CV Image “Last night we listened to stories. We heard stories of three Christians, relatively young in their faith. We heard the stories from the people who lived them. We gathered with young people from Phnom Penh Mennonite Church and shared some of our experiences with Christianity and the Mennonite Church. We asked them about their experiences. And they told us stories …”

And so begins junior Tim Showalter’s (Harrisonburg, Va.) May 6 blog entry about the beginning of BikeMovement Asia (BMA), a two-month trek from Cambodia to China, through Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. The six young adult participants from the United States and Canada will connect with Anabaptist and other various Christian congregations, as well as individuals and communities affiliated and working with Anabaptist agencies.

Also biking from May 1 to July 1 are senior Nicole Cober Bauman (Shakespeare, Ontario, Canada), 2006 Goshen College graduates Adele Liechty and Nick Loewen, and Neil Richer and Jesse Bauman.

In the summer of 2006, from July 10 to Aug. 25, Mennonite young adults biked across the United States in the first BikeMovement trip, as an initiative to engage open conversation regarding their visions and perspectives for the church. They traveled from Oregon to New Jersey, and had 60 people riding for various lengths of time.

Anyone can join in the conversation through the interactive Web site,, where donations are also accepted for a global sharing fund and operating costs.

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