Courtney Ropp, 2017

What did you like most about Goshen College and/or the Social Work Program and why?

The Goshen College Social Work program expanded my knowledge and opened me up to new ways of thinking about the world, people, and ideas. I felt supported to engage new ideas and ask questions by both students and faculty. These dialogues broadened my worldview and have helped me think critically and explore the world and people groups non-judgmentally.

The program also allowed me to try out different types of social work so I could find the career path that best fit me and played into my skills, interests, and abilities. The faculty helped me to recognize these skills and helped me explore job and internship options that I wouldn’t have thought about on my own.


What was it like being an adult student in the degree completion track?

When I set out on the journey, I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage everything. While I definitely felt overwhelmed at times, everyone around me was cheering me on because I was taking time to better myself and in turn better my family and community.  I also had a fantastic cohort that were experiencing the same things I was as we tried to balance things and we cared for and supported each other. We did homework together, texted on the weekends about assignments and just regular life. We all cried when we graduated, we had done a really hard thing, but we did it together and we knew how it would alter our lives and options for the better.


What are you doing now (since graduating)?

Currently I’m working as a behavior technician for Goshen City Behavioral Health. I’m working with children with disabilities and providing services to teach language, social skills, and coping skills. In January, I will start my masters degree in social work so that I can do clinical counseling for children and adolescents.


What advice would you give a prospective social work student?

One thing that was helpful for me was to list out my values for the years I was in school. My values were family, education, and connecting with people who would spur me forward. I said no to anything that didn’t fit into those values.