Earning College Credit

Think you don’t have enough credits? Don’t panic—we offer a variety of ways to earn additional credits for your real-life experiences so you can be on the fast track toward getting your degree.

Our Adult Degree Programs are ideal for those who have some college credit but who need to complete their degree in a convenient, efficient and affordable way. We understand as an adult student you bring to the table a wealth of practical, real-world knowledge that can be as valuable as classroom learning. Nearly all of our students take advantage of these several options, in addition to program classes, to earn and count credits toward our graduation requirements.

Credit Transfers

Unlike many other programs, we consider all your previous college credits for transfer, no matter how long ago you earned them. As part of the application process, you will submit official transcripts from each college or university you have attended since you graduated from high school. If you have fewer than 24 transferable credit hours, you will need to request your high school transcript too. The Goshen College registrar will evaluate all of your previously earned credits and determine how they apply toward your graduation requirements at Goshen College.

Credit for Prior Learning

Depending on the program, you can earn up to 20 hours of Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) from a variety of sources, including workshops, seminars, self-study, training programs, volunteer work, internships, and work and life experiences. Students document the learning gained from these sources and submit a portfolio, which is then evaluated by a faculty member who determines the amount of credit to be awarded. Please contact us for the current cost for CPL credits and evaluation.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP is a national program that allows students to qualify for college credit by taking tests. Like the Credit for Prior Learning program, CLEP helps you get credit for what you have learned from your experiences, whether inside or outside of a classroom. You can take CLEP tests right on campus at Goshen College. Please contact us for the current cost for CLEP tests.

DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST)

Like CLEP, DSST offers standardized tests that can get you credit for what you already know or want to study on your own. Goshen College is a DSST testing center. Please contact us for the current cost for DSST tests.

Evaluated Training Programs

In your career, you may have received training or certification in a particular field related to your work. The American Council on Education regularly reviews training programs and evaluates how these programs can be converted into college credit. Goshen College accepts many of these recommendations when you provide an official transcript from the training organization.

Military Service

Goshen College recognizes the educational value of military training and experience, as defined by the American Council on Education. The first step to transferring the credits you have earned is to request a transcript from your military service. If you served in the Army, National Guard, or Army Reserve, you will need to request an AARTS transcript. If your service was in the Navy or Marines, you need to request a SMART transcript and either mail or fax it to the Center for Personal and Professional Development.  The transcript will be mailed. You can also visit a local recruitment office for assistance. Goshen College accepts up to 20 hours of credit for military service.

Supplementary Courses

If you find you are still in need of additional credits, you can take supplemental courses at Goshen College or other accredited colleges. Make sure to speak with us in the Adult Degree Programs before you enroll in additional coursework to verify the courses will meet your needs for graduation.

Other Certifications

Nurses and those in the medical field may have additional certifications they have taken for employers such as PALS and ACLS. Those not in the medical field who have certifications in things such as Microsoft, SCUBA and Real Estate may also qualify for additional credits through previous classes. These will be evaluated on an individual basis and proof of completion will be required.