John S. Umble Center

The highly flexible theater seats over 400 people.  There is an extensive rigging system available and staging that can be lowered or removed.  The space is used for primarily theater productions, but is also suitable for medium lectures and concerts.

For more details about the Umble Center, please click here.

The Umble Center PA system consists of:


  • Allen & Heath Mixing Console
  • JBL Mains (LCR)
  • JBL Monitors (4 discrete mixes)
  • Crown Power Amplifiers (K1, K2)
  • Crown Power Amplifers for speaker effects (6 channels)
  • Proel Mic Snakes w/ Multipin connections
  • Mic Split for Monitor Mixing Console option

Outboard gear

  • Audio Technica wireless mics (4 channels)
  • Presonus Compressor/Gate (8 channels)
  • Lexicon Effects Processor (2 units)
  • Sony CD playback
  • Sony MD playback
  • Tascam DAT recorder
  • Pioneer DVD

The Lighting System consists of:

  • ETC Expression console
  • ETC dimmer packs

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