Chapel/Convo Services

Regular events such as chapel services and convocations rely on ITSMedia to provide reinforcement and presentation support services.  When planning a chapel or convocation, be sure to communicate with the Chapel/Convo committee chairs so that you will have the equipment necessary to present your content.  The committee chairs are in frequent communication with ITSMedia and provide us with service requests at least one week before the event.

Available Equipment for Chapel/Convo:

  • A limit of FIVE(5) microphones shall be made available for use. This will include any combination of wired and wireless microphones.
  • CD/Cassette Playback
  • Data/video projection.  We are able to project, VHS videos, DVDs and computer content such as powerpoint.  See our tips on powerpoint creation, and when to use powerpoint.
  • CD Recording is standard for archives; these recordings are available on reserve at the Good Library.  Duplicates may be arranged upon request.  Chapel / Convos are also available via podcast.

*All other requests subject to approval.

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