Sauder Concert Hall Audio Equipment Specifications

The 900 seat Sauder Hall in the Goshen College Music Center utilizes the shoebox rectangular design of the great concert halls and is a premium performance venue in the Midwest. Seating is continental style on the main floor with balcony seating as well. The stage is elliptical, and has a width of 65 feet, a maximum depth of 32 feet and a backstage maple acoustical wood wall 12 feet high. Distance from FOH to the front of the stage is 54′. The venue has a 100 seat choral terrace – above and behind the back stage wall, 9 feet above the stage floor. These tickets are often sold at a reduced rate.

System Synopsis

The PA system for the venue is designed in a Left/Center/Right configuration using EAW speakers, powered by Crown amplifiers, using Crown IQ processing. 4 Monitor channels are available. The installed system is augmented by front fills and subwoofers placed on stage.

Equipment Specs:

  • Center Cluster Top Tier (1):
    EAW ASR665e
    HF: 2.5″ voice coil, 1.4″ exit, 60ºx45º
    constant directivity horn.
    MF: Horn-loaded 10-in MF cone
    LF: 15″ vented woofer
  • Bottom Tier (1):
    EAW AS690e
    HF: 2.5″ voice coil, 1.4″ exit, 90ºx 45º
    constant directivity horn
    MF: Horn-loaded 10-in MF cone
    LF: 2x 12-in woofers (separated vertically)
  • Left / Right (6):
    EAW MK2164 (balcony/underbalcony)
    HF: 1.4″ exit/44mm voice coil
    compression driver, 60ºx45º cd horn.
    LF: 12″ woofer
  • Front fills (4):
    EAW JF80
    HF: 1″ exit compression driver on a Waveguide plate
    LF: 2 x 6.5″ woofers
  • Subwoofers (2):
    EAW SB528z
    A dedicated subwoofer system with 2x 18″ transducers in a rectangular enclosure
  • Monitors (6):
    EAW SM200iH low/profile wedge
    HF:2″ exit compression driver on a Wave Guide Plate
    LF:12″ Woofer
  • Choral Terrace fill (1):
    EAW UB82e
    HF: 1″ exit compression driver on a 90 x 60 constant directivity horn.
    LF: 2 x 8″ woofer
  • Mixing Console:
    Crest X8 48x8x2x1

    • 4-band eq with sweepable mid-bands and high-pass filters on all inputs
    • True LCR panning available on all 48 mic input-channels
    • 4 stereo channels
    • 8 aux mixes with aux 5/6 and aux 7/8 switchable to stereo operation
    • 8 subgroup mixes with 4 matrices output on 12 mix buses
    • Five-segment LED level indication on all mono input-modules and 13 channel meter bridge
    • Discrete bus assignment to groups, left/right and mono outputs
  • System processor:
    Crown USM810, Crown IQ software
  • Amplifiers (10):
    Crown Macrotech Series
    4 MA2400
    6 MA1200 (4 monitor mixes total)
  • Outboard Gear:
    2 Personus ACP88 compressors (16ch total)
    2 Lexicon MPX550 effects/reverb
    t.c. electronics M-1 effects
    t.c. electronics D-2 delay
    2 dbx 2231 graphic eq (4 ch)2 Symetrix 533E graphic eq (4 ch)
    Sony CD, MD playback
    Tascam DA-40 DAT recorder
    Proel active DI
    Countryman 85 DI
    Whirlwind IMP 2
  • Microphone inventory:
    2 AKG C1000S
    2 Audio Technica AT4054
    1 Audio Technica AT4040 (with shock mount)
    2 Earthworks QTC1
    2 Neumann TLM 193 (with shock mounts)
    2 Neumann KM 184
    1 Neumann U87 (with shock mount)
    1 Sennheiser e602

    1 Shure Beta 52
    6 Shure Beta 57
    6 Shure Beta 58

    1 Shure Beta 87C
    6 Shure SM81
    10 Shure SM 58
    2 Shure SM 57
    2 Shure KSM 44 (with shock mounts)

    (4 Channels of Shure UHF wireless with either an SM58 Shure handheld or an MKE2 Sennheiser lapel on each channel.)

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