Event Support

ITSMedia provides audio/video and infrastructure support for campus events.  From live sound engineering for concerts, data projection for presentations, videoconferencing to remote sites,  to videotaping lectures and sporting events, ITSMedia is equipped to service your audio/visual and multimedia needs.  In fact, we fill about 650 event workorders each school year.

Of course, the first stop for on and off-campus event planners is the Office of Conferences and Events (OCE). You can contact the OCE by phone at (574) 535-7881 or via email at events@goshen.edu.  After your event has been approved and placed on the calander, ITSMedia will work with event planners and the OCE to finalize the details necessary for your event to be a success.


Event Planning
Labor Charges
Powerpoint Tips

Event Planning

Successful events require good planning and attention to detail.  Our event planning resources will help you understand the process, guide decision making, and help make your event a hit!

Labor Charges

If you have specific questions about whether your event will incur ITSMedia fees, see the pages on Labor Charges and Billing FAQ

After the music fades….

In addition to direct support for events, ITSMedia offers a variety of general audio/video and post-event services, including audio and video tape dubs, CD and DVD duplication and light-duty audio and video post-production work.