AudioVisual Equipment in the Classrooms

ITSMedia supports four types of classrooms on campus. Each room is given the designation of M1, M2, M3 or M4 depending on the level of equipment installed.  These designations are used in the campus scheduling software (Zimbra Calendar) to provide a quick way to know which classroom has what equipment.

For more information on the standards we try to implement in our classrooms, click here.

*** Five classrooms were upgraded with full digital capabilities, summer 2013. Those rooms were: AD36, CC110-11, NC17,RF104-5, WY319. New capabilities include HDMI  connection for mobile devices (iPad, laptop). See the quick guide for help using the new technology.

For tips on using our Multimedia Classrooms, click here.

View our classroom matrix to view a more detailed description of equipment in specific classrooms.

Classroom definitions

  • M1 – Full multimedia technology, rooms vary slightly, but all are guaranteed to have at the minimum
    1. Networked Computer
    2. VCR playback
    3. DVD playback
    4. Laptop conection
    5. Data/Video projector – ceiling mounted
    6. wall mounted speakers
    7. Crestron control system
    8. additional equipment specific to certain rooms may include visual presenters, cassette playback, Minidisc playback, laserdisc playback.  See Classroom Matrix for details
  • M2- Classrooms or computer labs equipped only for data projection with;
    1. Ceiling mounted data projector
  • M3- Standard classrooms equipped with;
    1. Television
    2. DVD playback
    3. VCR playback
    4. Overhead Projection
  • M4 – conference rooms and other spaces sometimes used as classrooms or non-standard rooms such as specialty laboratory spaces