Labor Charges for Events

ITSMedia’s labor budget is allocated for the support of direct academic services. Activities that are provided without charge to individual departments  include:

  • operation, maintenance, and repair of classrooms
  • support of in-class activities
  • assisting faculty with course resource development
  • support of the Chapel/Convocation program.
  • support of Departmental audio/visual systems
  • videotaping lectures for evaluation, pre-recording lectures for later use
  • support of in-class videoconferencing sessions

Events and Activities that are outside of these guidelines will incur labor charges.  Charges for events are limited to:

  • setup of audiovisual equipment
  • time spent operating the event
  • tear-down

ITSMedia does not charge for the time we spend coordinating equipment needs, staffing, and event details.  We also do not charge any fees for the use of equipment.  Our charges are strictly based on the labor required to run events.

Campus labor rates are set by the VP of Finance and are adjusted each year to reflect the costs to the institution.  Current rates for ’11-’12 are as follows:

Professional Staff- $30.00/hr
Student Technicians- $11.00/hr

We are happy to provide quotes for services upon request.  If you have questions about whether your event will be charged for labor or not, feel free to contact us.  Also, our billing FAQ may provide some helpful background.