College Mennonite Church

Sanctuary PA System
Fellowship Hall PA System
Koinonia Room PA System
Gathering Room PA System

Sanctuary PA System

The Sanctuary houses the largest available sound system in the Church-Chapel.

Below is the Equipment Installed for use:

DDA Custom, 32-channel Mixing Console
1-Crown D75 Amplifier
2-Crown D150 Amplifiers for Main Speakers
1-Crown PS400 amplifier for Lobby Speakers
Rane AD22 Audio Delay Unit
Rane Crossover
ETA Sequential Power Conditioner
Single Channel 15-Band EQ

Playback Equipment

Technics RS BR465 Cassette Deck
Technics SL PG450 CD Player
Sony A& DAT Recorder
Also Available, HME 2-Channel Intercom System

Microphone Package

Fixed, Non-Mobile Microphones:
3 Pair of Crown- Hanging Choir Microphones hang over the balcony to over the organ, the congregation, and the seated choir on the balcony.
Over the hand-bell table, 3 individual Crown hanging choir Microphones are set.
Wireless Microphones:
Wireless Sony Microphones are also available. 3 receivers can be used with a combination of 2 hand-held and 3 lapel microphones
Other Available Microphones:
2 EV 457 Dynamic Cardioid Microphones
3 EV RE-16 Cardioid Microphones
1 EV Lecterm Microphone
1 Audio Technica Lectern Microphone
2 Crown PZM microphones are mounted on the front of the North Pew

Location Of Microphone Inputs In Sanctuary

7- XLR, 1- 1/4″(line) inputs on stage
2-XLR on front of East, West, and North Pews
Single XLR inputs around balcony railing


Fellowship Hall PA System

Microphones and inputs available in Fellowship Hall

2 HME wireless Hand-helds
1 HME wireless Lapel
Various Wired Microphones Available Upon Request
4 XLR Jacks on East Wall
1 Line Level Connection On East Wall
2 XLR Jacks on North-East Wall By divider
1 XLR Jack on North-West Side of divider

Rack Equipment In Fellowship Hall

Allen and Heath MixWizzard 14:4:2
Crown MA 600 Amplifier
2x HME RX520 Wireless Microphone receivers
Technics RsBr465 Tape Deck
Technics SL-PG450 CD Player
Rane ME 30 EQ


Koinonia Room

Here, a modest system exists. A wall-mounted cabinet houses a TOA 6channel Mixer/amplifer which controls a JVC TDR 462 Dual Cassette Deck and an HME RX 520 Wireless Microphone System.

2 Microphone Inputs are on either side of the divider. The ceiling speakers volume can be controlled from volume knobs on the east wall, again on either side of the divider, which can split the room in half.


Gathering Room PA

TOA 5 Channel Mixer Amplifier mounted on wall with AUX inputs for playback and recording
4 ceiling mounted speakers, one in each of the dividable classrooms
4 Microphone inputs: 2 on north and south walls


Rieth Recital Hall
Sauder Concert Hall Tech Specs
Umble Center
NC 19
College Cabin