Intramural 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Registration

November 14, 10 p.m.-midnight

  1. Rock/Paper/Scissors To Start
  2. One Time-Out Per Game
  3. Ball must be Checked By opposing player before each possession.
  4. Ball must be returned to 3-point line in a change of possession following a missed basket.
  5. Self officiated contests, no free throws. Defense Calls the fouls.
  6. All out of bounds plays will be reset at the top of the key.
  7. Substitution during dead balls only.
  8. A field goal is worth 1-point, a field goal behind arc is worth 2-Points
  9. All games to 20 points or 20 Minutes…which ever comes first.
  10. There will be a shot clock inside of 2-minutes of highly contested games.
  11. Overtime is sudden death once clock expires.
  12. Current and Former GC Women’s & Men’s Basketball Players are not eligible to compete.
  13. 4-Players Maximum per team