Planning your student event

Step 1 – Contact your faculty advisor

Each event on the Goshen College campus must have a faculty advisor. This can be the club advisor, a professor for a class project, or a student life representative.

Step 2 – Check for scheduling conflicts on the web calendar

Check to see if something is already planned for the date you are requesting that might conflict with your targeted audience.

Step 3 – Complete an Event Form

A form must be completed and submitted to the student life office for review and approval. This is an important document, as it will provide additional information about what space needs to be reserved and what services will be needed for your event to be successful. Here is the information you will need for the form:

  1. Preferred location of your event
  2. Description of your event
  3. Description of what you will be doing at the event
  4. Number of people you are expecting to attend your event
  5. Date of your event
  6. Time of your event
  7. Length of your event
  8. Time you will need to setup and tear-down your event
  9. Whether you will be serving food
  10. Whether you plan to use a caterer
  11. Who will be helping you with setup and tear-down
  12. How you will promote your event
  13. What account will be charged with any costs incurred for the event

Step 4 – Work-orders

Work with your faculty advisor to submit the appropriate work-orders to your event to ensure the success of your event.

What With Whom Email Phone Info
Plan menu with caterers
Java Junction Ext. 7321
AVI Fresh Ext. 7881
CMC Food Service Ext. 7881 (Conf & Events)
Performance Venue Planning Production Manager Ext. 7932
Custodial Services
Trades Crew, or Security
Physical Plant Ext. 7351
Audio-visual Needs ITSMedia Ext. 7727

Step 5 – Publicize your event

  1. Contact the staff at The Record
  2. Submit an announcement to the Campus Communicator
  3. Put your event on the Web Calendar
  4. Fliers / Posters – there are bulletin boards available in each residence hall for posting your promotional items. DO NOT tape items to windows and doors.

Step 6 – Event Management on the day of your event.

As the event host (person who submitted the Event Request Form), plan to be at the event from start to finish. If you need to divide responsibilities for the program with other leaders in your group, make sure someone is in charge who has co-submitted the Event Request Form. There must always be a person (or persons) who submitted the Event Request Form present throughout the entire event. If questions arise during the event, this will be the person we contact. Make sure all club/group members know who is taking full responsibility for the event.

  1. Arrive early to setup for your event, so you will be ready when your guests arrive
  2. Assign a crew of volunteers to help you teardown. Once the event is over, it is your responsibility to return the facility back to its original condition. The room should be clean and presentable when you start your event and in return you should leave it the way you found it.
    • All trash should be in trash cans/trash bags.
    • Tables wiped down
    • Floors swept
    • Room reset to the default setup
  3. If your student group fails to clean up after an event, the group will be accessed additional fees.