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Worship and integrative learning

Convocation and chapel programs gather the Goshen College campus community together for shared learning experiences and for worship, usually in the church-chapel sanctuary. Both convocation and chapel promote the mission and core values of Goshen College.

The purpose of chapel is to tend to the Christian spiritual formation of our gathered community. Chapel calls us to come before God together in worship and seek to be continually formed into the image of Christ.

Chapels may include guest speakers, faculty faith stories, hymn sings, or student presentations.


Convocation provides integrative learning opportunities for personal, intellectual, and social growth. In convocation, we explore complex problems and big questions. We also support and celebrate each others’ learning.

Convocations may include faculty or guest speakers, drama or music performances, presentations by student Study-Service Term (SST) units, or special events.

Each year, the campus pays special attention to one of the five Goshen College Core Values. Several chapel services and convocation programs each semester focus on the current year’s core value.14_0827_OpeningConvo_ApplauseTunnel28_bys-1024x682


2014-15: Global Citizenship

2015-16: Servant Leadership

2016-17: Compassionate Peacemaking

2018-19: Passionate Learning