Coffman Contact Person

The suite contact person is the official link between the suite members and the Resident Director. He or she is responsible to help with accountability within the suite, the RD and the campus community.

Following are specific responsibilities of the contact person:

  1. Meet with the RD and other contact people at the beginning of the school year for a time of orientation and preparation.
  2. Distribute room keys to residents when they arrive. Check the unit and complete a room condition report for each person.
  3. Be accountable to the RD via a monthly meeting, alone or with the suite members .
  4. Receive and promptly post all information form the RD.
  5. Communicate effectively and promptly with Physical Plant as maintenance needs arise.
  6. Perform room safety inspections once per semester.
  7. Be the communication link to the RD in dealing with Standards violations and/ or other problems in the suite.
  8. Arrange to close the suite at the end of each semester. This includes completing room condition reports and collecting room keys.

The contact person is ultimately responsible to see that the above tasks are completed. However, the suite members are expected to work with the contact person in accomplishing these tasks.