SGH Applicants Away from Goshen

If you are going to be gone from campus during the spring semester and want to apply for small group housing, there are some necessary items to address before you leave. Each student who will not be on campus during the application process should submit the following:

    1. Complete the “Personal Statement Regarding the GC Commitment to Community Standards”
    2. Pay a $200 security/damage deposit in the Accounting Office before you leave for SST or have someone make the deposit for you by the application deadline. This deposit is non-refundable if your group is offered and accepts a housing unit. Once the group accepts an assignment, the deposit is not credited to your account until the end of the school year after check-out procedures have been completed. The deposit cannot be applied to any costs other than small group housing.

The “Standards” statement and your receipt for your $200 deposit can be given to your small group contact person or turned in to Shirley Shriner, Administrative Assistant for Student Life.