CAC Job Description

Reports to: Assistant Director of Residence Life & Student Activities
Salary: 20 hours per month

1. Planning old and new events

  • Attend weekly team meetings
  • Fulfill any tasks directly assigned to you before event (e.g. purchasing materials for an upcoming event, gathering materials from the storage room, contacting individuals outside of CAC who are involved in an event, etc.)
  • Stay on top of communication about events and other CAC duties

2. Marketing

  • Aid in creating idea for posters
  • Hang posters in designated areas around campus
  • Make Communicator announcements
  • Spread information about our team and events via word of mouth

3. Set-up for events

  • Arrive early for event preparations (often 1-3 hours before the start of an event)
  • Prepare and distribute food when necessary
  • Move tables, stages, chairs, etc.
  • Place appropriate lighting and decorations in event space
  • Make a trip to the store for any last minute purchases if necessary

4. Hosting events

  • Entertain and serve students in attendance
  • Keep an eye out for disorderly conduct
  • Refill refreshment table(s)
  • Make sure students are engaged and comfortable
  • Perform any tasks asked of you by other team members or director

5. Tear down events

  • Vacuum/mop floor(s)
  • Return equipment to appropriate place
  • Wash dishes
  • Take out trash and recycling
  • Return event location to original condition

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