Apartment Application Process

Please read through the following requirements and guidelines before filling out the Student Apartments application.

Standards Response Statement

Prepare a typed, 3 paragraph response to be included in your online application that includes the following (One Per Group):

  • Indicate how your group has approached the Standards in the past.
  • Your groups current commitment to the Standards.
  • How you will address potential violations of Standards as a group next year.

Apartment Housing Deposit

Each member of your group must submit a $200 Room Deposit.  You can submit your deposit online at www.goshen.edu/services or in person at the cashier’s desk in the basement of the AD Building. This deposit is non-refundable after units have been assigned; this deposit will then be held as a damage deposit until after the end of school year. If the condition of the house is found to be acceptable after checkout, the damage deposit will be refunded to you at the conclusion of the academic year.

Submit your deposit

Apartment Capacity Requirements

2-Capacity =  Full Capacity Fall/Spring

3-Capacity  = Minimum of 3 students (Allowed one student absent per semester)

4–6 Capacity = Minimum of 4-students (Allowed one student absent per semester)

5-Capacity = Minimum of 5-students (Allowed one student absent per semester)

**All students absent for one semester must be on a Goshen College academic program such as SST, Internships, Or Early Graduation.

Application Eligibility

All Apartment applications will be sorted by years out of high school from the primary student applicant. The link to the application is at the bottom of this page.

9AM Monday, March 23, 2015 

(Accepting Applications from students graduating high school 2011 or before)

9AM Wednesday, March 25, 2015

(Accepting Applications from students graduating high school 2012 or before)

9AM Monday, March 30, 2015

(Accepting Applications from students graduating high school 2013 or before)

Download our housing sign-up FAQ

Student Apartment Selection Guidelines:

  • By start of fall semester, must have completed 2 years since high school graduation.
  • Selection process gives priority to students in this order: documented ADA accommodations, years since high school.
  • IMPORTANT: Your apartment group must meet the capacity of the apartment that you are applying for. In cases where a member of your group is on SST, graduates early, or participates in an off-campus Goshen College academic program, your apartment must still maintain a minimum 2/3 capacities for both fall and spring semester. You will not be permitted to sign-up for an apartment without meeting the minimum apartment capacity when all students in your group are on campus for both semesters. The number of students in your group should be (at minimum) equal to the desired capacity of your chosen apartment.
  • If you can’t meet capacity at the start of apartment sign-up you will need to select an alternative housing assignment. You may also opt to pay a premium rate for the additional space of $500 (per resident) a semester. This would guarantee you an apartment with no expectations to add additional residents provided the apartment remains at 2/3 capacities. Please note all two-person apartments must be at capacity for both spring/fall semesters to be eligible.

Desired Outcomes for Life in the Student Apartments:

  1. Demonstrated responsibility and support for “GC’s commitment to community standards.
  2. Friends willingly encourage and accept responsibility for each other. Respect others’ right to express their needs, values, opinions and ideas.
  3. Students respect the autonomy of others while working towards cooperation in resolving conflicts. Some may have to allow others time to sort out reactions before responding.
  4. Individuals respect the right of others to ask that students change their behaviors for the good of the group.
  5. The group chooses to live together and works at getting to know one another. This means allowing each other to make mistakes, to grow and to change.
  6. Visitation polity: 24-hour open house in public areas; 24-hour open house in all areas for group members; 12:00 noon – 12:00 midnight open house for non-members in bedrooms. No overnight guests of the opposite gender.
  7. An Assistant Director of Residence Life will work with the residents throughout the year.
  8. A contact person will serve as a communication link between the apartment and the live-in Assistant Director of Residence Life.
  9. Individuals in the apartments are responsible for regularly cleaning their own units. Some custodial equipment (e.g. mop bucket, vacuum, etc.) is supplied.
  10. Students are responsible for furnishings and appliances within the unit. Furniture designated for indoor use is prohibited for outdoor use. Take care to maintain hallway furnishings designated for residents’ use.
  11. Groups must be ready to have the college use units during the semester breaks to house other students or persons involved in GC programs, and are expected to cooperate with the preparation of units for use.
  12. Group members must purchase at minimum the 45 Block meal plan. Groups are encouraged to prepare and eat meals together.
  13. Interested contact persons may be invited to serve on the Apartment Community Council (ACC). The Council provides a student voice on decisions with the Apartment Manager to help create and carry out programs that encourage connection and belonging.


Video Tours:

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4th Floor

Student Apartment Capacity Breakdown