Buddhist religious experiences during service abroad programs incorporate diversity.

SST Schedule

SST, Semester Offerings

Ecuador | Leaders: Andrew and Ruth Hartzler
15 credits

Navajo and Hopi Nations, Arizona | Leaders: Jerrell and Jane Ross Richer
14 credits

Ecuador | Leader: Cristobal Garza Gonzalez, Sarah Gothe
15 credits

Indonesia | Susan and Ben Setiawan
15 credits

Ecuador | Faculty Leaders: Cristobal Garza Gonzalez, Sarah Gothe
15 credits

Senegal | Faculty Leaders: Neil and Rachel Detweiler
15 credits


  • Fall semester: Ecuador
  • Spring semester: Ecuador, Tanzania
  • Summer semester: Ecuador, Navajo & Hopi Nations


  • Fall semester: Ecuador
  • Spring semester: Ecuador, Indonesia
  • Summer semester: Ecuador, Senegal


SST, One Course at a Time Offerings

  • GLST 271 Environmental Disaster & Response
    3 credits
    Professor: Kendra Yoder

Other courses are full at this time.


Sign-up instructions:

For SST, Semester go to MyGC and look for the SST form in the lower right corner. You can register at any time.

For SST,  One Course at a Time, sign up with your advisor during regular advising periods.

Previous destinations

Over the years, we have sent students to Belize, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Mali, Morocco, NicaraguaPeru, Poland and South Korea. Goshen College also offered a domestic Latino Studies program in which students studied about, served in and were immersed in the local Latino culture for a semester in Northern Indiana.