Latino Studies Study-Service Term

Latino Studies SST was last offered in 2010.

Drawing on the learnings of 40+ years of international education, Goshen College students can study the local Latino culture for a semester in Northern Indiana and other locations in the Midwest, which have seen significant demographic changes in the last 20 years.

  • Students will take Spanish classes during the semester (two semesters of Spanish is required beforehand);
  • They will study Latino history, literature and culture;
  • They will take field trips to Latino communities in such places as Chicago and Toledo to learn about both the rural and urban experience;
  • They will serve in local organizations, church programs or schools that are linked to the Latino community;
  • They will connect with a local Latino family on a regular basis to practice language skills and learn about the culture;
  • And they will process their experiences as a group.

Can this program work with my tight academic, athletic or family schedule?

This program is designed to give you the flexibility you need with your schedule while staying close to campus. You can take two classes plus connect with a local family in a fall semester, and then take two classes and serve in a local Latino organization in a spring semester.

Possible activities and speakers:

  • Tour Latino museums and cultural festivals
  • Listen to Latino community activists in Chicago and Goshen
  • Learn about migrant workers’ struggles for justice in Ohio
  • Attend traditional cultural events like quinceañeras and weddings
  • Meet Latino artists, writers and musicians

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