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What’s the Intercultural Requirement?

One of the five core values at the foundation of Goshen College is global citizenship, so intercultural study is an important component of the Goshen Core. The three ways to meet the intercultural study requirement are:

  1. A semester-long Study-Service Term
  2. Four sequential SST courses in the U.S. or abroad
  3. Study abroad with other international programs

1. Semester-long SST: International

  • Immerses cohorts of students in a significantly different culture for a semester
  • Includes study of local language and cultures, a service learning placement and six-week home stays with two different host families.
  • A GC faculty member leads the group in studying a global issue of current concern.

  • Foreign language: 4 credits
  • Cultural Perspectives: 3 credits
  • Global Topics: 3 credits
  • Community Engaged Learning: 3 credits
  • SST Integration Capstone: 2 credits

Language requirement: Students visiting Ecuador need to establish 101-level competency in Spanish before being admitted to the program. Students headed elsewhere must complete one course in the language spoken. American Sign Language students who are joining a unit with a sign language component need 102 level proficiency. The director of global engagement must approve any exceptions.

3. Sequential Courses in the U.S. or Abroad

These experiences share the same learning goals that semester-long units use. You’ll choose four courses, spread over several semesters or three-week May terms. Foundation courses and global issues courses will take place in a classroom setting. Cultural perspectives and service courses will immerse you in a new context–whether locally or abroad.

  • GLST 241 Foundations: 3 credits
  • GLST 251 Cultural Perspectives: 3 credits
  • GLST 271 Community Engaged Learning: 3 credits
  • GLST 300 Global Topics: 3 credits

A. Most sequential courses do not have a prerequisite, but students are encouraged to take sequential courses in the order listed above. This allows for preparation before travel/experiential learning and reflection after the fact.

B. Modified requirement for nursing  students: A community health clinical course that is part of the nursing major counts as a Foundations course.

C. Education majors may, under certain circumstances, have a similar option. See your advisor.

Other study abroad options with Goshen College

Minor in Global Studies

Students who have already completed SST or an equivalent semester of study abroad can earn a  Minor in global studies by taking five additional courses with a global theme.

Travel courses related to specific majors

These May or summer term options have a different curriculum and count toward a major rather than as SST credit. The Arts in London course is one example which runs frequently and should not be confused with Global Literature in London, which has an SST curriculum.Locations vary from year to year. Past courses have visited England, Spain, Morocco, Greece, Italy and Mexico. Past foci include art, music, literature, business, history, religion or peace, justice and conflict studies.


4. Study Abroad with Other Programs

In addition to Goshen College SST and May term courses, many other possibilities for off-campus study exist in cooperation with other colleges and universities. Special arrangements make it possible for students to register for Goshen College credit while participating in the programs below.

Off-campus programs affiliated with Goshen College

Mennonite Colleges & Universities Cross-Cultural programs offer cross-cultural experience equivalent to SST through a collaborative program with Mennonite colleges/ universities. See listings at Bluffton University, Eastern Mennonite University, Bethel College, and Hesston College.

Council on Education Abroad (CEA) offers semester and summer study abroad programs in twelve countries in Europe, Latin America, China, and South Africa. See

Central American Study and Service (CASAS) in Guatemala offers semester or summer programs in Spanish and Central American studies. See for more information.

Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) offers various semester and summer programs at locations including Oxford, Granada, and Los Angeles.

Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE) offers many academic-year and half-year programs in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. See for more information.

Lithuania Christian College has summer and semester study opportunities. See home/study-abroad for more information.

Washington Community Scholars Center, sponsored by Eastern Mennonite University, has semester, year-long or spring/summer programs available in Washington, D.C. Includes significant internship experience and course work at a nearby university. See for more information.

Goshen College students in these affiliated programs will be registered as students at Goshen College in absentia. Credit may count for international education requirements only with the approval of the director of global engagement. Approval for credit equivalency does not mean that Goshen College financial aid will apply.

Since tuition and fees are collected and passed on to the other agencies or colleges, sources of student financial aid and scholarships while enrolled in these programs are nearly always limited to outside funding such as Pell grants, state grants, non-Goshen College scholarships, and Stafford Loans.

There are two exceptions:

  • Mennonite Colleges & Universities Cross-Cultural programs enable you to pay tuition at your home institution and apply your financial aid as usual. The other college collects only the extra travel fees that the program requires.
  • Students with a major that requires an experience not available through Goshen College:  Study abroad for Spanish majors is one example.  See your advisor for more information about this circumstance.

For more information or to register for any of these programs, contact the director of global engagement and review your financial circumstances with a GC financial aid officer.  Note that students paying tuition elsewhere for a fall or spring semester would then be charged May Term fees, since they are integrated into year-long tuition.

Programs which are not on the approved list above may be eligible for credit transfer, but students who choose to enroll in programs that have no affiliation with Goshen College cannot apply for any sort of financial aid through Goshen College.


Current SST Destinations

SST is offered in two formats