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Our mission is to provide a safe and hospitable living space for students where our facilities, programs, and services inspire academic achievement, spiritual growth, inclusive communities, and engaging opportunities. Goshen College offers a variety of housing options for students that include traditional Residence Halls, Apartments, and Small Group Houses. Campus housing is primarily designed for single students enrolled full-time and younger than 25 years of age. We consider the residential experience a vital part of the education we have to offer. We believe students who live on campus have the greatest opportunities for learning and growth when living in close proximity to their peers while having easy access to campus activities, services and facilities.

Commitment to Community

Residence life at Goshen really stands out thanks — in part — to our Commitment to Community Standards which enables a strong sense of community and engenders a spirit of hospitality. These guidelines for living ask us to respect one another and ourselves through the choices we make.

Options and Requirements

The standards held by Goshen College are based on Christian ideals, educational goals, expectations needed for good group living, or guidelines needed to insure proper care of the housing facilities. Some regulations are necessary to protect the rights of the individual while others are designed to protect the community.

Attendance at Goshen College is a privilege and carries with it the obligation to observe college regulations. While attending Goshen College, a student is subject to the laws of Indiana as well as those of the local community outside the campus.

Campus housing is an integral part of campus life and contributes in many ways to the education students receive. Students live and work in groups and get to know people of various backgrounds.

 All full time students enrolled at GC must live in campus housing unless they meet any of these requirements:

  •  Have 112 + credit hours
  •  Turn 23 years of age during a given semester
  •  Live with parents or immediate family member

Full restitution of room and board fees will be expected if students bypass the residency requirements. Students 25 years of age or older are not eligible to live on campus without a formal request and special consideration from the Director of Residence life.

Married Students

Married students of traditional age (18-25) are eligible for campus housing provided both spouses are enrolled for a minimum of 9 credit hours. The fee structure for married students is equivalent to single residential students. A meal plan is required and the understanding that all college furnishings remain in their chosen housing location. Priority will be given to married students at the start of our housing selection process.

Residence Life Resources

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