Entering an Event on the Webcalendar

About the calendar


You can use the GC web calendar:

  • to find out what’s happening at Goshen College,
  • to seek publicity for your event, by entering your event in the calendar.
  • to plan your event by viewing tentative dates for other events in the planning stage.

Although anyone at Goshen College (students, faculty, staff) can enter an event into the calendar, entering an event in the calendar does not guarantee a room reservation on campus, nor does it request any other support services for your event, such as A/V services, food service, or custodial services.

Calendar events also automatically show up in the GC News & Events area, and many other places on the campus website, as well as automatically getting included in event-related e-newsletters that the College sends out.

For more on publicizing your event, contact the Communications and Marketing Office.

Viewing tentative events

When you browse to the Web Calendar you’ll see the ‘public view’, that is, only the events which have been approved by calendar administrators. But if you’re planning an event, you may also be interested in those ‘tentative events’ that others on campus may have entered into the event calendar, but which are not yet finalized.

To view the tentative events too, just do this:

  1. Browse to the Event Calendar .
  2. Click the “Log in” link at the top of the page. You’ll be asked for your userid and password. Use your e-mail userID and password.
  3. Click “Continue”. You’ll see the event calendar once more, but now you’ll see any additional,  tentative events shown with a gray background.

Entering an event

To enter your event in the web calendar:

  1. Login to the calendar (as above), and then,
  2. click on ‘add’ in the upper right corner.
  3. Fill out the form that shows up with as much information as you know about the event.

You will be registered in the database as the person who submitted the event. This is not the same as the contact person for the event (see below).  Your newly entered event will not be viewable by the public until it’s been approved by a calendar administrator.

You will need the following information on hand when you are ready to register an event with the GC event calendar:

  • A name for the event (required)
  • The location–you should know the building and room number. Some events (e.g. “New Year’s day”) have no location.
  • The date and starting time for the event (required) . If the event spans several days (e.g. an art exhibition), also know the ending date.
  • You’ll be asked to designate one (required) or two categories in which the event fits.
  • You can fill in a short description of the event which is the place to include things like the cost (if any) of the event.
  • You may include a picture related to the event. If you would like to include a picture, you should have an image file on your computer ready to upload. The file should be in either the gif or jpeg format, the filename needs to end with the “.gif” or “.jpg” extension.  The image should be less than 350 pixels wide,
  • You may include the name of a contact person and their phone and/or e-mail address. This person does not have to be you– can be different from the submitting person.
  • If there is an already-existing website related to your event, have the URL of the website handy.

Automatic notification
When you’ve finished entering an event into the database, an automatic e-mail notification will be sent to anyone who has subscribed to the “gc-events” listserv.  Another e-mail will be sent to the calendar administrator(s) for the main category of your event, which allows them to “approve” your event for public viewing.

Editing events

To edit events you’ve entered:

  1. login to the event calendar (as above…), and then …
  2. find your event.  You should then see an ‘edit’ link beside your event.
  3. Click ‘edit’ underneath your event title.

You can edit anything about events which you entered up until they are approved for public viewing.

After an event has been approved for public viewing by a calendar administrator, you may still edit publicity-related items, but not things like the date, time, or location.  Talk to folks in the Office of Conferences and Events if you need to change those after approval.

Approval and calendar administrators

Though anyone on campus may enter an event into the database of GC events, events are not viewable by the general public, and therefore not considered final, until a calendar administrator approves an event. Events are approved after the following has occurred:

  1. The event has been reviewed by the appropriate department and coordinated with the Master Calendar. Student events must be approved by Student Life or be sponsored by a faculty member for projects / events.
  2. If the event qualifies, an event registration form must be completed.
  3. If a location is noted, that room has been reserved and approved.
  4. That appropriate service providers have been notified.

Calendar administrators are managed from the Office of Conferences and Events to ensure coordination with the Campus Master Calendar. If you have questions about approval for events, please contact this office by email at events@goshen.edu or by phone at extension 7881.

Once an event is approved, only calendar administrators may edit the required fields.  The event owner may edit the description with detailed information about event, including any photos and attachments related to the event.  Any questions may be directed to the Office of Conferences and Events by sending an email to events@ goshen.edu.