Caleb and Maria: Serving in San Ramon

San Ramon's central plaza.

Maria and Caleb are working in San Ramón in the province of Chanchamayo – the entry point to the selva central, Peru’s central rain forest. In spite of busy work schedules, the students have found time to enjoy their host families as well as the flora, fauna and warm temperatures of San Ramón, which is … Keep reading »

Natalie and Gina: Serving in Tarma

The bus ride to Tarma took Natalie and Gina over the Ticlio mountain pass, the highest point on the central road of Peru at 4, 818 meters, or 15,807 feet.

Gina and Natalie are volunteering in Tarma, a delightful city of about 60,000 residents located in a fertile valley about 3,053 meters, or 10,016 feet, above sea level in the Andes mountain range. Tarma was founded in 1538 in the departamento (state) of Junín, between the central coast and the central Amazon rain forest. Because … Keep reading »

Carnival in Ayacucho: People, parades and powder

A comparsa, a group of singing dancers accompanied by musicians, moves  along the Plaza de Armas in Ayacucho for the carnival celebration. Some groups have as many as 200 members.

This semester, five students in the Peru SST program are providing service in Ayacucho, a city of about 151,000 in the south-central Andes of the country. Ayacucho is famous for its 33 Catholic churches, which are said to represent one for each year of Jesus’ life. Because of its substantial Catholic population, Ayacucho has large … Keep reading »

April and Malaina: Serving in Chancay

The welcome sign to Chancay, which is 83 kilometers north of Lima on the coast.

Malaina and April are spending the service portion of their Study-Service Term in the coastal town of Chancay, a couple of hours north of Lima. Chancay is a port and verdant agricultural area along the Peruvian coastal desert. The town of 54,000 people boasts a castle, a bustling central plaza, a viewpoint and even a … Keep reading »

We mourn the death of Father Jeffrey L. Klaiber

Father Jeffrey L. Klaiber died on March 4.

Less than two weeks after Goshen College students departed for their service assignments, we received the heartbreaking news that Father Jeffrey L. Klaiber, a gifted historian and a great friend of the Peru Study-Service Term program, abruptly died (March 4) due to complications from heart surgery. He was 71, but had the energy, wit and … Keep reading »

Farewell to Lima

Gretchen waves goodbye as she and other students leave Casa Goshen.

The morning after the despedida, or farewell celebration, Goshen College students gathered at Casa Goshen for their final service orientation. Students participated in an exercise designed to show them what it might feel like to be poor and disadvantaged – like many people they would encounter on service. We reviewed cultural mores, health advice, academic … Keep reading »

Adiós doesn’t mean goodbye forever

The farewell celebration, or despedida, for the Peru SST unit was held at the Anglican Cathedral of the Good Shepherd in the Miraflores district of Lima.

The time in Lima drew to a close, and it was time for the Peru Study-Service Term students to say A Dios – go with God – to their host families in Lima. So the students planned a farewell celebration or despedida – a beloved Peru SST tradition. Since television game shows are popular in Peru, the … Keep reading »

Creating wearable art from Peru

A jewelry-making workshop was led by Eliana and Ricardo Mauriola Carrasco, long-time host parents and friends of the Peru Study-Service Term program.

Shortly before leaving Lima for their service assignments, Goshen students had a chance for individual creative expression during a jewelry workshop with Eliana and Ricardo Mauriola Carrasco, long-time host parents and friends of the Peru Study-Service Term program. Eliana and Ricardo make jewelry as a cottage business and sell necklaces, bracelets and earrings overseas. Ricardo … Keep reading »