Laughter, llamas and loving families: Final reflections by the Fall 2013-2014 unit

The Peru SST Fall 2013-2014 students after their arrival at the Lima airport on Sept. 5, 2013 – (front row) Rudy, Joshua and Alan and (back row) Landon, Jacob, Becca and Lauren.

The seven students who made up the Peru Study-Service Term unit for Fall 2013-2014 hailed from Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky and Oregon. Their majors included biochemistry, communication, mathematics, nursing, physics, sociology and Spanish and they had a wide range of interests. They left Goshen on Sept. 5, during the heat of summer, and arrived … Keep reading »

Back home again in Indiana

About 15 hours after leaving Peru, Rudy and Landon arrive at the Newcomer Center at Goshen College.

Members of Goshen College’s Peru Study-Service Term unit for Fall 2013 arrived back in Goshen Monday afternoon and enjoyed a joyous welcome from family friends and members of the college community. Becca Augsburger, Alan Leichty, Rudy Litwiller, Joshua Schlabach, Landon Slabaugh and Lauren Weaver  arrived at the Newcomer Center by bus about 4 p.m. Jacob … Keep reading »

Headed home to Goshen College

Students pause for a final goodbye photo.

Goshen College students returned from their closing retreat at the beach south of Lima on Sunday afternoon and arrived back at Casa Goshen for a frenzy of last-minute activity. They had less than two hours to pack up their belongings, make sure their suitcases weighed less than 50 pounds and to discard unneeded items. For … Keep reading »

Retreat: A chance to look back and ahead

After his arrival on an overnight bus from Tarma, Jacob completes some paperwork at Casa Goshen.

The period of working in service assignments in cities across Peru came to an end, and the students caught night buses back to Lima, and then taxis to Casa Goshen. They arrived early in the morning on November 28 – Thanksgiving Day back in the United States, but just an ordinary workday in Peru. The … Keep reading »

Service in San Ramón

Alan, Becca and Joshua have been living at Gad Gha Kum Lodge, a beautiful hotel and camping complex just outside San Ramón.

Alan, Becca and Joshua are working in San Ramón in the province of Chanchamayo – the entry point to the selva central, Peru’s central rain forest. They have been fully engaged in their service assignments, working mornings and afternoons. Still, the students also have enjoyed their host families as well as the flora, fauna and … Keep reading »

Service in Tarma

Jacob with his host parents, Deyadira and Abraham Bañon (right), his host grandmother (left) and his host brother and sister.

Jacob and Landon are volunteering in Tarma, a delightful city of about 60,000 residents located in a fertile valley about 3,053 meters, or 10,016 feet, above sea level in the Andes mountain range. Jacob and Landon are enjoying their rewarding service assignments and warm host families. They also have taken time to get to know … Keep reading »

Service in Ayacucho

The Plaza Mayor in Ayacucho features this monument  celebrating the independence of South American countries, which was won at the Battle of Ayacucho.

Rudy and Lauren are volunteering in Ayacucho, a historic city located in a scenic valley about 2,761 meters, or 9,058 feet, above sea level in the Andes mountain range. Rudy and Lauren are enjoying their service assignments and host families and also are taking time to explore a city of 151,000 people known for its … Keep reading »

Saying farewell to Lima families

The farewell party, or despedida, was held the evening before students left for their service assignments.

As the time in Lima draws to a close, the Peru SST unit has a tradition of gathering the Lima staff and host families for a despedida, or goodbye party. This semester’s group felt a little intimidated, being only seven in number and having heard great things about elaborate past despedidas. However, as they began … Keep reading »