¿Habla Español? Spanish classes in Lima

Every afternoon in Lima, students spent three hours with their Spanish teachers, Irene Arce Zavala, Ana Bracamonte Bardalez and Biviana Goto Sanchez. They belong to the Grupo de Español Inca Garcilaso, a teaching team that offers on-site Spanish classes to visitors in Lima. Irene, Ana and Bivi like to get the three classes interacting with … Keep reading »

Fulbito with family and friends

Oswaldo Aguirre strides onto the "fulbito" court to start the game.

Goshen College students devoted one of their final Saturdays in Lima to play. Along with host family members and friends, they went to Parque Mariscal Castilla in the Lince district of Lima to play “fulbito,” a scaled down version of soccer. Fútbol, or soccer, is Peru’s national sport, but fulbito is played more frequently, especially … Keep reading »

Serving and learning from Lima’s poorest residents

Villa María del Triunfo is a southern district of Lima with about 360,000 residents and widespread underemployment and poverty.

Goshen College students recently visited Villa María del Triunfo, a southern district of Lima founded 52 years ago by migrants who “invaded” the area and built homes on the coastal sands. Villa María is home to more than 360,000 people, many of whom struggle with underemployment, poverty and malnutrition. It has been estimated that one-third … Keep reading »

Inside Peru’s radio powerhouse

The offices of Grupo Radio Programas del Peru (RPP) are in a skyscraper in the San Isidro district of Lima.

Like any modern country, Peru has a wide range of radio and television companies. Only one, however, combines the accuracy and reliability of National Public Radio, the immediacy and reach of CNN and the variety of satellite radio stations. Grupo Radio Programas del Peru (RPP) is a broadcasting giant founded in 1963 by Manuel Delgado … Keep reading »

Egg-citement: Students get their service assignments

Students got plastic Easter eggs. Inside: their service assignments.

After Goshen College students start to speak Spanish, adjust to their host families, learn how to navigate Lima’s chaotic bus system and start to enjoy living in Peru, they increasingly ask one question of their Study-Service Term leaders: “What’s my service assignment and where will it be?” It’s a natural question because service is an … Keep reading »

Playing a game of war to promote peace and understanding

Guerra en el Pacifico is a strategy board game based on the 19th century war waged by Chile against Bolivia and Peru.

Goshen College students recently got the opportunity to play a war strategy game designed to entertain, educate and foster peace and understanding among the people of Peru, Chile and Bolivia. Andrés Francisco Paredes Salgado, a 35-year-old Peruvian with a passion for writing, history, political science and gaming, invented the complex board game and introduced it … Keep reading »

Learning in Lima

Students take another quiz.

While in Lima, Goshen College students benefitted from Spanish language instruction four days a week, extensive reading assignments and lectures on such topics as history, politics, health care, social issues, the environment, music and art. Students heard from 16 guest lecturers and workshop presenters. Most lecturers were Peruvians along with a few Americans who have … Keep reading »

Machu Picchu exceeds sky-high expectations

Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the modern world and the most celebrated Inca achievement.

A thunderstorm seemed likely to occur the day we awakened to visit Machu Picchu, the most famous settlement of the Inca civilization. Clouds and mist hovered practically at ground level and temperatures stayed low. We worried that rain might envelop the world-famous site, obscuring views and making stone trails too slippery to safely climb. Still, … Keep reading »

The Sacred Valley: The heart of the Inca empire

Earth and sky seem to blend at Chinchero.

The Peru SST group spent two days exploring Peru’s Sacred Valley with help from Oswaldo Palomino Alvarado, an experienced guide proud of his indigenous heritage. We began our tour at Chinchero, where Inca royalty once sat on stone thrones to observe festivals and gazed upon terraced hillsides. Framed by the lush Vilcanota Mountains, Chincero retains … Keep reading »

Exploring the Cusco area

A closer look at the beautiful stonework at Tambomachay.

The Peru SST group spent a stormy day exploring the Cusco area with the help of our guide, Abrahan Quispe Corrales. Cusco was the center of the Inca empire when the Spaniards arrived in 1526; in fact the Quechua name Q’osqo means navel – the navel of the known world, to the people of the … Keep reading »