Final Days in Peru

Mariah and Elizabeth receive a big hug from Shina after arriving on the bus from Ayacucho.

Though a knock at the door of Casa Goshen came a tad early (around 6:30 a.m.) we were excited to see our students return safely from their service locations. The early group, Lydia, Trevor, Laura and Shina, came in from the jungle. An hour later we were joined by Adriene, Jessica and Armando, who arrived … Keep reading »

On Loving and Leaving Ayacucho

Elizabeth poses with fellow SSTer, Mariah, and twin girls who live at Casa Hogar in Ayacucho.

Elizabeth was based in Ayacucho during her six weeks of service, working at two Christian schools and an orphanage. Toward the end of her time there, she wrote this journal entry: I emailed a friend that I was falling in love with Ayacucho. He responded: “that would mean more if you didn’t fall in love … Keep reading »

Serving With Kites, Crossword Puzzles and Bingo

Shina receives a hug from a student at INABIF, her school in San Ramon.

Shina spent six weeks serving at INABIF (Programa Integral Nacional para el Bienestar Familiar), a government-funded program in San Ramon that assists low-income families. She and Laura worked with children who come to the center before or after school to eat a hot meal, take part in activities and programs, and get help with their … Keep reading »

Adding Love to the Crayon Box

Lydia teaches Peruvian Sign Language to young students in her classroom in Oxapampa.

During service, for at least one journal entry students pursued experiential learning through a strategy called action-reflection-response. The idea is to learn from daily life by noticing something that you don’t understand, gathering more information and responding by changing your behavior or attitude. Lydia worked each morning at Jardín de Ninos Los Jazmines (Jasmine) preschool … Keep reading »

Elizabeth and Mariah: Serving in Ayacucho

Elizabeth joined us for a photo with Mariah and her host family, after stopping by to say hello.

In Ayacucho, the Andean city known for having an abundance of churches, Elizabeth and Mariah have an extra measure of family members. Elizabeth lives with Pastor Dionicio Bautista Gomez and Elizabeth Huarcaya Yarasca and their five children: Luis, Herbert, Diego, Wendy and Wanda. Mariah lives next door with Nieves Bautista Gomez, who is Dionicio’s sister, … Keep reading »

Spending the Night in a Town Made From Stone

The concentric terraces of Moray, arranged in an earthen bowl.

If one had to pick a town in which to spend the night en route to Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo would be among the best places anywhere in the highlands. More than 500 years ago, Ollantaytambo served as an important rest stop and administrative and religious center for the Incas. It’s still an enviable rest stop … Keep reading »