Our final hour at Casa Goshen -- packed and ready to go

Excitement mixed with sadness permeated the air at Casa Goshen.  The students had two hours to pack up their belongings, making sure their suitcases weighed in at just under 50 pounds.  We shared a final dinner prepared by Glicerio, Alicia’s son-in-law, who was trained in culinary arts at the Marriot Hotel in Miraflores — the … Keep reading »


Cortney presents her research project entitled, "What it Takes to Run an Orphanage"

The Spring 2013 Study Service Term in Peru finished with a retreat at the Scripture Union Center in Kauai.  Located two hours south of Lima, Kauai is situated on a sandy beach far from the hustle and bustle of the city.  The students presented the research they did while on service, with topics ranging from … Keep reading »


The city of Oxapampa -- elevation 1,800 meters (5,905 feet) above sea level -- lies in a fertile valley in the upper reaches of the rain forest

Emma and Mandy are volunteering at two preschools and one after-school program in the rain forest city of Oxapampa.  According to anecdotes from Peruvian teachers and school administrators, the nation’s education system is underfunded, with underpaid teachers, classrooms devoid of basic supplies and a pedagogy that emphasizes rote memory over creativity or critical thinking.  Conscious … Keep reading »


The road to Fundo Almorique Coffee Farm

Jesse volunteers at a family-owned coffee farm called Fundo Almorique.  Coffee is the second-most traded product in the world, second only to petroleum in its importance as an export.  Hundreds of millions of people drink coffee each day, enjoying the aroma of a freshly-brewed cup and feeling the lift generated by a dose of caffeine.  … Keep reading »


"Indigenous Community -- San Miguel Center"

Jacob and Joseph are volunteering for a nonprofit organization called Ecomundos in the native village of San Miguel de Marankiari.  As the world becomes ever more modern and ever more globalized, indigenous people are pressured to acculturate, becoming like everyone else.  Many move to the cities and change both the way they dress and the … Keep reading »

Role Models

The city of San Ramon -- elevation 770 meters (about 2,500 feet) above sea level -- sits at the foot of the Andes Mountains

Jieun and Phil are working with children in the rain forest city of San Ramon.  This small urban area is home to hundreds of impoverished families hampered by absentee fathers, alcohol addiction and an inability to make ends meet due to low wages and limited employment opportunities.  Children living under these conditions sometimes lack healthy … Keep reading »


La Merced is located between the mountain city of Tarma (lower left) and the upper rain forest town of Oxapampa (upper right)

Alex is volunteering at Chanchamayo Highland Products in the Selva Central (Central Rain Forest) of Peru.  Societies have always traded the goods they have in abundance for the goods that are scarce or otherwise unavailable to them.  In the developing world, the prevailing pattern has been to export raw materials — gold, copper, cotton, bananas … Keep reading »


Welcome to Tarma!

Andrew and Oscar are volunteering at Fe y Alegria (Faith and Happiness) School in Tarma.  The school serves children living in extreme poverty.  It was founded several years ago with help from the Jesuit order of the Catholic Church.  Since all the land near the center of this Andean city was already occupied, the Jesuits … Keep reading »


The colorful entrance to William Thomson School

Isaac and Kolton are volunteering in the classroom.  They, along with the rest of us, entered the service portion of the Peru Study Service Term with open eyes and open hearts.  We often ask our Peruvians friends and acquaintances, “How can we be of service to you and your community?”  The most common answers is, … Keep reading »


Cuchipampa is a humble neighborhood perched on a steep hillside above Huamanga

Quinn is volunteering at Iglesia Evangélica Presbiteriania Emanuel (Emanuel Evangelical Presbyterian Church) of Ayacucho.  The church was planted here in the Cuchipampa (Hog Flat) neighborhood by missionaries from the U.S. Presbyterian Church several years ago.  Quinn lives and works with the pastor’s family in a building complex located on the steep western flank of the … Keep reading »