Peru SST: The toughest job we’ll ever love

Peru SST Co-Directors for 2013-2014 Judy Weaver and Richard R. Aguirre with the Spring unit: (front row) Maria, Gina, Aimee, Malaina, Gretchen and Natalie and (back row) Derek, Thomas, Caleb, Dean, Neal, Jake, Jonathan, Jackson and April.

By Richard R. Aguirre and Judy Weaver Peru Study-Service Term Co-Directors, 2013-2014 Today, Aug. 1, 2014, is a significant day for the Peru Study-Service Term program and for us. Our formal responsibilities end today as directors of the program from 2013 to 2014, and Duane Stoltzfus and Karen Sherer Stoltzfus assume leadership for 2014-2015. In … Keep reading »

Reflections on Peru SST by the Excellent Eighteen

The Peru SST unit for Summer 2014 is shown minutes after their arrival in Lima, Peru on April 30. They are (front row, left to right): Stefan Baumgartner, Emma Caskey, Derek Schwartz, Miranda Earnhart, Edith Fraire, Andrew Lehman, Alejandro Genis, Lucas Harnish, Sierra Wheeler and Jaime Stack and (back row) Michael Darby, Derek Swartzendruber, Leah Amstutz, Brody Thomas, Joel Yoder, Matt Wimmer, Brian Sutter and Tim Lehman.

The 18 students who made up the Peru Study-Service Term unit for Summer 2014 came from Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Their majors included biochemistry, biology, education, environmental science, informatics, mathematics, music, nursing, physical education, physics and sociology. The students departed the United States for SST on April 30, after what turned out to be … Keep reading »

A joyous homecoming: Students return from Peru


By Richard R. Aguirre and Judy Weaver Peru Study-Service Term Co-Directors Members of Goshen College’s Peru Study-Service Term unit for Summer 2014 arrived back in the United States on Monday afternoon. One student, Leah, left the group in Lima on Sunday night and traveled to Paraguay to visit relatives. Matt left the group in Chicago … Keep reading »

Playing in Peru one last time

Joel leans close to the bonfire to roast a marshmallow.

During their concluding retreat, Goshen College students in the Peru Study-Service-Term summer program reflected on the past three months. They discussed the highlights and challenges of service, presented their final academic projects and pondered what it might be like to return to the United States. They also played, enjoyed each other’s company and rested. Our … Keep reading »

Final projects explore Peru’s culture

Wearing face paint and a tunic of the kind worn by the Asháninka people of the central jungle in Peru, Michael discusses the music and dance of the community where he served.

While students were performing service in Peru’s provinces, they worked on their final projects. The assignment required interviewing Peruvians and conducting field observation on topics of their choosing.                         Students turned in papers when they returned to Lima and then, at the final retreat, … Keep reading »

Peru retreat: Looking back and ahead

Students display a range of moods as the bus heads to our concluding retreat.

By Richard R. Aguirre and Judy Weaver After nearly three months of study and service in Peru, Goshen College students reflected on their experiences and on the joys and potential challenges of returning to the United States. Our concluding gathering was held at a Christian retreat center called Kawai, located on the beach about a … Keep reading »

Final tests before reflection and fun

The academic portion of the Peru SST program for summer 2014 was based at the Anglican Cathedral of the Good Shepherd (Buen Pastor) in the Miraflores district of Lima.

After spending an afternoon and evening visiting with their Lima host families, shopping and relaxing with friends, Goshen College students spent the night at the Cirque Hostel in the Miraflores district of Lima, a short walk from Casa Goshen. The students – who had taken overnight buses from their service assignments – said they had … Keep reading »

Homeward bound: Students leave Peru

Having finished his packing early, Alejandro relaxes.

Goshen College students returned from their concluding retreat at the beach south of Lima late Sunday afternoon (more about that in upcoming posts) and arrived back at Casa Goshen for two hours of final preparations. They discarded unwanted items, repacked their belongings – and made sure their suitcases weighed less than 50 pounds (the airline … Keep reading »

Together again in Lima

We had some fun, with odd names on a sign, welcoming students back to Lima from Ayacucho, Chiclayo, Tarma, San Ramon, Oxapampa, and the central jungle.

Our 18 Goshen College students returned safety to Lima on July 24 from Ayacucho, Chiclayo, La Merced, Oxapampa, San Miguel, San Ramon and Tarma. They never looked so good and we (Peru SST Co-Directors Richard R. Aguirre and Judy Weaver) were thrilled to see them! And as pleased as they may have been to see … Keep reading »

Alejandro, Andrew, Edith and Leah: Service in Ayacucho

The main plaza in Ayacucho features a statue of General Antonio José de Sucre, who commanded an army that defeated royalist forces and set the stage for independence of Peru and the rest of South America from Spain.

Alejandro, Andrew, Edith and Leah provided significant service in Ayacucho, a city of about 151,000 residents in the south-central Andes of Peru. Ayacucho is famous for its 33 Catholic churches, which are said to represent one for each year of Jesus Christ’s life. Because of its overwhelming Catholic population, Ayacucho has large religious celebrations, most … Keep reading »