Final reflections from the Fantastic 15

The Fantastic 15 in the Lima airport after their arrival on Jan. 8, 2014.

The 15 students who made up the Peru Study-Service Term unit for Spring 2014 came from Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Ohio and Oregon. Their majors included accounting, biology, business, education, environmental science, history, mathematics and social work. The students left for SST on Jan. 8, during what turned out to be Goshen’s snowiest winter in … Keep reading »

What joy! Home again at last!

Gretchen signals thumbs up about being back at Goshen College following three months in Peru.

Members of Goshen College’s Peru Study-Service Term unit for Spring 2014 arrived back in the United States on Monday. One student, Malaina, left the group in Houston, Texas – the group’s point of entry to the United States – and traveled on to join her parents visiting Florida. Two other students, April and Derek, left … Keep reading »

Retreat: Surf and turf fun

The pelican searches the waves.

During their concluding retreat, Goshen College students in the Peru Study-Service-Term program were tasked with reflecting on the past three months. They discussed the highlights and challenges of service, presented their final academic projects and pondered what it might be like to return to the United States. They also played, enjoyed each other’s company and … Keep reading »

Peru SST retreat: Looking back and ahead

Our retreat was held at a Christian retreat center on the beach south of Lima. We stayed in this building, which is called Villa Margarita.

After nearly three months of study and service in Peru, Goshen College students had a final opportunity for focused reflection on their experiences and on the joys and potential challenges of returning to the United States. Our concluding gathering was held at a Christian retreat center called Kawai, located on the beach about a 90-minute … Keep reading »

Homeward bound: 15 fantastic students

The last group photo of the Peru SST unit for Spring 2014. They were (front row) Co-Directors Richard R. Aguirre and Judy Weaver, (second row) Gretchen, Gina, Maria, Malaina, Natalie, Aimee, April and (back row) Jonathan, Dean, Caleb, Jackson, Derek, Thomas, Jake and Neal.

Goshen College students returned to Lima from our concluding retreat at the beach on Sunday afternoon and arrived back at Casa Goshen for three hours of final preparations. They discarded unwanted items, repacked their belongings –and made sure their suitcases weighed less than 50 pounds. They then had final precious moments to relax and prepare … Keep reading »

Once more to church – for final tests

The academic home of the Peru SST program is the Anglican Cathedral of the Good Shepherd (Buen Pastor).

After spending a full day visiting with friends, dropping by the homes of their Lima host families and shopping, Goshen College students spent the night at Miraflores House, a hostel. The students – who had taken overnight buses from their service assignments – said they had a wonderful night of sleep in comfortable beds and … Keep reading »

Back in Lima after service and together again

Thomas arrives at Casa Goshen.

Our 15 Goshen College students returned safety to Lima Thursday morning from Chancay, Ayacucho, Tarma, San Ramon, La Merced and San Miguel. They were a sight for sore eyes and we (Peru SST Co-Directors Richard R. Aguirre and Judy Weaver) were thrilled to see them! And as pleased as they may have been to see … Keep reading »

Dean and Derek: Serving in San Miguel

The small town of Santa Ana celebrates the area's indigenous people with a statue in the central plaza.

Goshen College students enrolled in the Peru SST program struggle to adjust to new (host) families, the Spanish language, a new country and a very different culture. Service can be an even bigger adjustment because students leave the comfort of modern Lima and head out to the country, often with just one or two other students … Keep reading »

Jackson and Neal: Serving in La Merced

Kimo is located on this beautiful mountain.

Neal and Jackson are living just outside the town of La Merced in the Junín province of Peru. La Merced, which has about 50,000 residents, is the provincial capital of the Chanchamayo region and is blessed with warm weather, abundant rainfall, lush vegetation, waterfalls and excellent agricultural production. On the eight-hour bus ride from Lima, … Keep reading »