Quick steps on how to use multimedia rooms

Reserve the Classroom:

These are scheduled in Zimbra Calendar, the campus scheduling software formerly known as Calendar.  Find and view the current schedule of the room you wish to use.  If you’re not familiar with how to schedule rooms using using Zimbra Calendar, Visit our Zimbra Calendar Website here.

Obtain a Key:

Faculty may sign out a multimedia cabinet key from the Physical Plant.  This will allow you to access to the multimedia equipment and computer. Usually, this equipment is in a locked rack or cabinet.  Please make sure that you lock the equipment cabinet when you are finished as this helps deter theft on campus. Students are not authorized to have keys, but may check out a key for specific occasions from ITSMedia, with written Faculty approval.

Schedule Equipment Use Training:

Plan to set aside at least half an hour to meet with our technical staff in the classroom where you plan to teach.  Contact ITSMedia at ext. 7727 or send an e-mail request to media@goshen.edu  to schedule your training.

Set up Practice time for Yourself:

Do this well before your class session is scheduled to take place — you’ll be glad you did.  It is important for you to allow time to become familiar with the equipment.  This time allows you to work at your own pace and avoid surprises when presentation time comes around.

Using the Crestron: a Tutorial

Using the Crestron Lighting System: a Tutorial

Find the equipment available in each room using the Classroom Matrix