Refund Policy

Room and board and refund information is located below. Students who withdraw completely from the college initiate the process by contacting the Dean of Students. Official contacts must also be made with the academic adviser, resident director (if dorm student), accounting office and student financial aid office. Students who reduce their hours of enrollment must contact their academic adviser and the registrar. Students with changes in housing or food-service contracts must contact the resident director, accounting office and dining service. To receive credit for the unused board contract, the student’s ID and any unused munch money must be returned to the dining hall.

From the day of registration through the first week of classes (drop/add period), the student will receive a 100 percent refund on tuition. The refund percentage for the rest of the semester follows the federal regulations for refunding financial aid. From the eighth day of the semester, the refund percentage is calculated by counting the number of days left in the semester, divided by the total number of days in the semester. As in the federal formula, weekends and breaks are also counted except for scheduled breaks of at least five consecutive days. There is no refund after 60 percent of the semester is completed at which time 100 percent is considered earned. A day by-day refund schedule is posted in the accounting office and can be found below:

Room and board refund rates

Room and board refund rates, following day one, are prorated daily. Refund rates for students enrolled in the May term only are the same as those listed above, but the 100 percent refund rate applies only to days one and two (drop/add period).

A student financial aid recipient will have earned aid according to the formula listed above. Exceptions are during the 100 percent refund period, where no aid is earned since no costs are incurred. The full formula for determining the amount of Title IV federal aid that is earned, and how unearned portions are returned to the federal programs is outlined in CFR 668.22. Institutional aid earned is calculated according to the same procedures, with the exception that any credit left on the student’s account after the refund listed above will first pay back any current year loan owed to Goshen College.

Refund Chart

Below there are charts that lists the refund dates and percentages for the 2014-15 academic year. The refund is based on a total number of days in each semester.

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